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    Our experts willingly share their experience in the development, testing, design and management of products. In the spring, they spoke at the conferences Mobius, CodeFest, CocoaHeads Moscow and Dump - we collected videos and slides from the performances and prepared a digest for you.

    The digest includes reports on reactive programming, automation of testing windows-applications, automation of routine front-end tasks, product design in 2GIS and DevOps in enterprise.

    Matvey malkov

    Matvey Malkov
    Leading Programmer Mobius

    Mobile Developers Conference


    Jet engine for your Android application

    About the RxJava framework and how to build a reactive application for Android based on it. Yes, Java can be like that.

    Bonus: Matthew's article on Jet Dealer .


    Alexey Romanchuk

    Alexey Romanchuk
    Head of Development Group CodeFest Developer



    Quickly build backends with reactive streams

    About high-performance backends on jet streams. How to build them and what to do with them. Attention: and that’s all on Scala.


    Nicolay abalov

    Nikolay Abalov
    Head of Development Group CodeFest Developer



    Automation of UI testing for Windows and Windows Phone

    We will tell you how to defeat manual testing with the Winium library.


    Dmitriy Pilikov

    Dmitry Pilikov
    Head of Design

    , CodeFest Developer Conference


    Product Design in 2GIS

    How we started updating the design of 2GIS for computers, and as a result, we updated the brand and design of all the company's products.

    If you haven’t read it yet, Dima ’s article on graphics and typography of 2GIS .


    Evgenia malkova

    Evgenia Malkova
    interface designer

    Developer meeting for iOS and OS X CocoaHeads Moscow


    Designer, developer, no conflict, no drama

    Experience working on a product in a team: processes, communications, conflicting places and life hacks.


    Artyom malko

    Artyom Malko
    interface developer

    Conference for Ural developers DUMP


    TARS: do frontend routine level 0%

    About TARS - an opensource framework for rapid frontend development.

    An article about TARS - if you read faster than Artyom says.


    Maksim pashuk

    Maxim Pashuk

    Conference for Ural developers DUMP


    DevOps Practices for Developing Business Solutions

    About the psake library, which helps you build, test, and deploy projects. It reads like sake!

    These are all the speeches of the first digest. Learn new things, share with friends and ask questions in the comments.

    For the curious:
    - 2GIS.Tehnologii - website with reports of 2GIS experts;
    - 2GIS Open Source - open source software from our developers.

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