New free courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, May 2015

    In this review, we will talk about free courses of the Microsoft MVA virtual academy , which will be useful for both professional software and IT pro developers and beginners. Some courses offer free preparation for official certification exams. Please note that the video player on the site for a number of courses that are created in English contains the ability to enable Russian subtitles. This month’s

    absolute hit is Dmitry Soshnikov’s course “How to Teach a Child to Program” .

    This overview course looks at a variety of technologies that can help you get your child involved with computers and programming. Without pretending to be methodological comprehensive and an exhaustive story about technology, this course will give you the right links and ideas, thanks to which you can spend many hours with your child at the computer, studying and creating with him.

    New! Using Docker containers in the Azure IaaS cloud

    Igor Chubin, UNIX / Linux systems instructor, discusses the issues of building a Docker container management system and its use in IaaS-type cloud systems. You will learn about various virtualization, emulation and containerization systems, such as KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, LXC and others.

    In the practical part of the module, it is shown how to place the application in a container or in a series of interconnected Docker containers, and how to manage these containers: create, delete, start, stop and restart, as well as the relationship of containers between themselves.

    New! Certification MCSA 8.1 Preparation Course

    This course is aimed at students who seek to obtain the status of Windows 8.1 MCSA and prefer self-study and self-study. The course focuses on the necessary skills and areas of knowledge that you should pay attention to when preparing for the exams 70-687, 70-688, or 70-689 and 70-692, if you plan to update the previous versions of the status from previous client operating systems. The first module in the course is overview, and modules 2 through 6 talk about the necessary skills and give examples and demonstrations of their application. This course is not positioned as the only resource for preparing for exams, but serves as a starting point in the process of self-study.

    New! Course from Alexander Belotserskovsky "Reservation in the Microsoft Azure Cloud"

    Alexander Belotserskovsky, an expert on strategic technologies at Microsoft, will introduce you to the basic backup options available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. After all, redundancy is the most important aspect of the functioning of a system of any complexity, and the cloud provides opportunities to simplify its provision.

    New! Get started with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (in English)

    Do you want to learn about Active Directory and the cloud? Here you will find everything you need. Active Directory is the foundation of Microsoft's identity management offering. Active Directory is used in 93% of large organizations and has already reached the cloud through Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Anthony Bartolo and Todd Lamothe show you all of Azure Active Directory’s identity management capabilities in the cloud.

    New! 1C Hosting on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

    The course is dedicated to hosting 1C applications on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The course shows practical examples of the full 1C deployment cycle in the cloud - from the selection and configuration of a virtual machine in the cloud to the installation and configuration of the 1C application itself.

    New!Management of corporate mobile devices

    Modern mobile devices have various sizes and characteristics, work under the control of different operating systems, and support various security technologies. Is it possible in this case to somehow manage them? What tools exist for this?

    In the course, you will learn how to use Microsoft Intune and System Center to manage various mobile devices, including devices with Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. We’ll look at the benefits these tools provide to mobile employees and IT administrators.

    New! Managing systems on Microsoft Azure with Chef (in English)

    In this course, Steve Murawski and Damien Caro will show you the capabilities of Chef, examine its components, their use and demonstrate how it works with Microsoft Azure. Watch some practical demos and learn how to use Chef to configure virtual machines (VMs) and infrastructure in Azure.

    New! Getting Started with PowerShell Desired State Configuration Service (DSC) (in English)

    Watch a detailed and useful DSC demo from Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft Emeritus Engineer and PowerShell Inventor, and Windows PowerShell MVP Specialist Jason Helmick. Using DSC as a management platform, you can control the deployment, maintenance, and configuration of your environment today and prepare for new cloud-based scenarios. In addition, you will learn how to create custom resources for your own applications.

    New! Course by Georgy Gadzhiev "Designing Microsoft Azure Solutions"

    This course is aimed at students who seek to obtain Microsoft Specialist status in the design of Microsoft Azure solutions. The course tells about the necessary skills and knowledge for passing the exam 70-534. The first module in the course is overview, and modules 2 through 6 talk about the necessary skills and give examples and demonstrations of their application. This course is not positioned as the only resource for preparing for exams, but serves as a starting point in the process of self-study.

    New! Hyper-V Basics in Windows Server 2012 R2

    The Hyper-V Basics for Windows Server 2012 R2 course is an introduction to the Hyper-V service, with which you can deploy and manage a virtual environment on a server. We’ll look at what Hyper-V is all about, create a virtual machine, talk about the features of network connectivity, and how to save the state of a virtual machine using checkpoints, export and import virtual machines.

    New! Monitoring: from the server to the application. System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2

    In the course you will get acquainted with System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 and get answers to these and other questions. We will discuss the architecture, capabilities, and application scenarios of Operations Manager to proactively monitor the various components of your IT infrastructure.

    New! In-depth look at Microsoft Azure IaaS introductory course (in English)

    Learn how to integrate Windows Azure virtual machines into your infrastructure. If you're an experienced IT professional, but just recently started working with Windows Azure virtual machines, you will appreciate these real-world examples using the Windows Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

    New! Work with Linux in the Azure Cloud

    This video course contains all the information necessary for working with Linux virtual machines in the Azure cloud for those who are not familiar with the Microsoft cloud. The course is advanced, goes beyond basic knowledge and contains a large number of demonstrations and practical recommendations.

    Hit! Development of modern applications in C #

    The main objective of the course is to show the power of the modern Microsoft .NET platform and managed languages, in particular, the C # programming language (although we also briefly show how beautiful F # can be). In an overview form, we talk about how C # can be used to create universal applications on the Windows platform, cloud services, as well as devices for the “Internet of things” and mobile robots.

    Hit!Express Immersion in JavaScript Application Development

    If you are developing JavaScript, this course will help you understand what awaits you in the near future. We tried to give a brief overview of new trends and modern opportunities in the development of JavaScript applications: be it complex web solutions, Windows applications or cross-platform applications, or games. We will also take a look into the future and look at the possibilities of the next version of the JavaScript standard - ECMAScript 6 and touch upon new areas in which JS can already be applied today.

    Hit! Love2Code: Programming for Girls and More

    There is an opinion that programming is the lot of severe men with a mathematical education, unsociable and unfriendly. With this course we are trying to dispel this myth and show that programming is a fascinating creative activity, accessible to everyone! Moreover, the main goal of our course is to love programming and to be able to solve practical problems with its help.

    The course is built around the creation of mobile applications - using simple applications as an example, we talk about important programming concepts: variables, loops, functions ... And each time we learn a new concept, we add something new to our application.

    Hit! Basics of website development and web applications

    This course, intended for beginners, provides a complete overview of web programming technologies: from the basics of the Internet and HTML / CSS markup languages, to web programming on the client (Javascript) and on the server (C #, ASP.NET). At the same time, we do not delve into any of the technologies in sufficient detail, leaving the reader an opportunity to study in more detail the sections he likes in the framework of individual courses.

    The course is based on the use of WebMatrix - a convenient page editing tool for the Web. Some knowledge of the basics of C # programming will be useful for exploring the course, but this is optional.

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