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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 74 - Mikhail Bodnarchuk on how and why developers need to test their code
    podcastDevshacht / Night Frontend podcast: 53: DevOops 2018
    videoVadim Makeyev Video Blog 5. Polytech, magic JPEG, unnecessary form and object- fit on SVG , 6. Immersion in object-fit: cover with and without polyfill

    Web development

    Why don't we add the <wonderful> element to HTML?
    How to turn a difficult question into a front-interview in an easy way
    enAbout static site generators
    enDeploying front-end applications - a fun way
    enUsing the Web Audio API , detailed updated information on MDN
    enAdvanced techniques for using the Web Audio API: creating sound, sequencing, synchronization, planning


    enCSS Content Features
    enCSS Border-Radius can this?
    enHow do I remember the CSS Grid properties
    ? • enDoes your interviewee understand CSS layouts?
    enPrevious adjacent CSS selector and how to emulate them
    en5 things you can do in CSS-in-JS that you didn't know about
    envideoShape Path Editor in Firefox


    A practical ES6 guide on how to make an HTTP request using the Fetch API
    Closures in JavaScript for beginners
    enJavaScript Visualizer is a tool for visualizing context, floating variables, closures, prototypes, and other basic JS concepts for a better understanding of how to work
    enDeep immersion in this in javascript: why it is so critical to write good code
    en13 games in ≤ 13kB of JavaScript · js13kGames 2018
    enLet's tackle the confusion around the slice (), splice () and split () methods in JavaScript
    enNew releases: Ember 3.4 , ESLint v5.7.0 ,Aurelia-CLI v1.0.0-beta.1, New Aurelia-CLI Collector with Auto-Trace


    Firefox update system audit results published
    Mozilla developers postponed the termination of trust in Symantec certificates
    Found a gap in Microsoft Edge that allows you to run any programs
    Google Chrome will soon stop working on Android 4.3 devices and below
    enCalls between JS and WebAssembly have finally become fast in firefox


    The first release candidate of Gutenberg 4.0 was released
    Evolution of cryptography: from mathematics to physics
    The ICANN regulator successfully changed the keys to domain names
    The Google Translate visual translation also switched to neural technologies and received support for 13 new languages
    Windows PowerShell Beginner's Guide
    Facebook revealed the details of the last hacking: hackers received phone numbers and email addresses of 30 million users
    Google+ closes after leaking data of 500,000 accounts
    “Yandex” could not agree with the right holders about the new anti-piracy agreement
    Alexa users confessed to a voice assistant over a million times, but were rejected by it
    enMicrosoft opened 60,000 patents to protect Linux from lawsuits

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