Goals, objectives and principles of automation

    While working in a company that deals with system integration, I had to read and supplement documents such as TKP, TK in accordance with GOST, Acceptance Plans and so on many times. Enterprise automation projects had similar goals and had approximately the same format. The same phrases were repeated from document to document.

    I decided to collect the most common phrases that fall into the "goals and objectives" section. And add the principles that should be followed when making decisions.

    The list is not universal. I would be glad if it helps someone when writing documents.

    On the other hand, some of the principles gathered on this list are my understanding of what both large corporations and individual product development teams should strive for. Steps on the way to informatization of society.

    I urge you to adhere to many of these principles in your work in order to maintain a certain level, below which it is simply not modern to be.

    Creation of a single information space for the interaction of participants in information exchange.

    Under this arch you can put everything - and B2B, B2C; CRM, ERP systems. And also document collaboration systems, such as Office 365, Google Docs and others. If you think about it, email services and messengers (Hangouts, Skype, Telegram, Slack ...)

    Centralization of management.

    From server status monitoring systems for the enterprise to the Smart Home control panel for personal needs.

    Providing a holistic picture of the state of informatization facilities to facilitate the operational management decision-making.

    Analytics, statistics, reports. Everything that allows data to be collected, processed and displayed in a convenient form for perception.

    Speeding up information flows.

    It can be achieved both by increasing productivity by increasing resources, by changing architectural and technical solutions, and by reducing the number of logical links in the data transfer chain (automatic processing instead of manual processing at some stage, for example).

    Prompt receipt of relevant information.

    Push / e-mail / sms notifications, auto-update of web pages, event subscriptions and much more.

    When working with documents or updating the knowledge base of a development / implementation / maintenance team, you should refuse correspondence with a request to drop the latest version, link to an article, or unsubscribe when something is completed. Put watch, subscribe, etc. and read the mail. Do not take the time of colleagues.

    Compliance with current law.

    The most urgent issue in a timely society ... But about 15 years ago, only measures aimed at obtaining licenses from the FSB were suitable for this item. Now ... I will not even list.

    Data protection from unauthorized access, loss and damage.

    Simple and clear - IB.

    Managing access to information by role model.


    Optimize data storage to eliminate redundancy.

    Adjusted for cases where redundancy improves search performance.

    Accounting and synchronization of document versions to improve collaboration.

    How often do you send documents that do not have a final state, electronically? Think it over. Perhaps your corporate infrastructure already has a solution that allows you to store documents edited by several people in one place. Even an individual has broad (and free) file sharing capabilities. Try to use them constantly, and forget about letters with attachments like "TK on ProductName.version31.docx".

    Elimination of duplication of data input to accelerate processes and prevent contradictions / distortions.

    It’s not a shame to admit, but so many companies still ask their clients and applicants to fill out questionnaires that are sent by mail. At least a third of the fields of such profiles could be filled out automatically.

    Reducing the influence of the human factor on the functioning of information systems.

    Protection from the fool, from Krivoruchok and from self-beloved - the automatizer.

    Reduction of unproductive expenses of employees’s working time.

    Almost all of the above can ultimately save a person from routine.

    Changing the corporate culture of the organization.

    The change occurs when the personnel training and assessment system is introduced, as well as when internal floods, message boards, and the like come across.

    Are there any more beautiful phrases? Write in the comments what I missed.

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