Package on the moon

    The Arch Mission Foundation, in collaboration with Microsoft, the University of Washington and Twist Bioscience, will include 10,000 images, the text of 20 books and other information encoded on synthetic DNA molecules in the Lunar Library (the Lunar Library).

    Anyone can offer their image to be encoded in DNA and sent to the moon on the site .

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    The mission of sending a special capsule with an archive to the moon should take place in 2020 and will be carried out by a private company Astrobotic. DNA synthesis for the project will produce the company Twist Bioscience, data coding will be carried out by scientists from Microsoft and the University of Washington.

    The purpose of the mission is to preserve the most important information about humanity and its cultural heritage. A DNA molecule is capable of storing data for thousands of years, as well as containing a large amount of them in a very small area: all the digital information of the world can fit in about 9 liters of this biological matter.

    In order for the archive data to be read, instructions on DNA sequencing and decoding information will be sent along with the archive. In addition, to prevent data loss due to the effect of space radiation on carriers, scientists will ensure their redundancy: even if some of the DNA chains are damaged, the missing information can be read from duplicates.

    Anyone can post their image for encoding in DNA and sending to the Moon on The organizers of the experiment suggest that it should be something important that a person would like to keep for future generations.

    In 2016, scientists from Microsoft and the University of Washington managed to putin DNA and then successfully read the video clip from the OK Go group, and a year later - in the same way, record the performance of Deep Purple and other groups for the UNESCO Memory of the World archive.

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