Weekly build Vivaldi


    And again violating the usual schedule, when the weekly assembly comes out on Monday, we decided not to wait for the next week and show the assembly today. We think you will like this update, because we have been working this week exclusively on imperfections and corrections, which you informed us most actively. So - what's new in this assembly.

    First of all, mouse gestures. Recently, this function has caused the most complaints, as actually didn't work. We fixed it - now mouse gestures work on Linux and Mac as well as for Windows users. In addition, the number of available mouse gestures even increased - we not only fixed, but also improved this feature.

    Further, another sore subject is the native window design in various axes. We started work in this direction and in this assembly you can already try the results of our work. So far, it comes down only to the native look of the application window, but this is only the beginning. Work in this direction will continue.

    Another improvement was made for the tab grouping feature. We have added an indicator of unread pages of the group, which will allow you to immediately go to the newly opened page, and not to scroll through all the members of the group.

    We also fixed one long-standing problem that users of two monitors or monitors with HiDPI support constantly faced. I'm talking about opening context menus in the wrong place - on an adjacent monitor or outside the application window. Now this problem has been fixed.

    You can see the full list of changes and improvements below, but for now, we suggest downloading the latest Vivaldi browser builds using these links:

    Full list of changes:

    • VB-5265 - Unread page indicator in tab stack
    • VB-5251 - Highlight color in urlcomplete resets for every char even if there is no other options
    • VB-5115 - Reload of speed dial fails in folder
    • VB-4772 - Browsers are incorrect in import dialog
    • VB-4312 - Bindings for keyboard aren't cleaned up when changing binding in settings
    • VB-2602 - Task manager missing on Mac
    • VB-4766 - Don’t close Vivaldi without prior warning
    • VB-3633 - Title is not updated by javascript
    • VB-1824 - The “Accept and Install” text in the EULA link must change to “Accept and Upgrade” if we are upgrading
    • VB-1894 - Context menu's are out of position (HiDPI and Linux)
    • VB-5018 - Chromium is opened instead of Vivaldi when default browser is Vivaldi
    • VB-5183 - NSL Progress bar on going back to SD
    • VB-4754 - Fix Mousegestures for Mac and Linux
    • VB-5265 - Unread page indicator in tab stacks

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

    PS You've probably already heard about the sad news that came from Opera Software: in order to optimize the costs of the company , 70 people from the development team of the desktop version of the Opera browser were recently reduced . These are our former colleagues and it is very difficult for us to see how the foundation on which, in fact, Opera grew, is gradually collapsing. We wish good luck to our friends in new projects and hope that everything will be fine with them.

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