Age of Honesty

    Now, 2018 and various states and organizations have already collected information on the responsibility and performance of most people on Earth, but do all the inhabitants of the Earth have access to this information? Are companies and countries willing to share it? Does the employee always try to provide the service of the best quality, benevolently and at a fair price? Unfortunately, the answer to all questions is no. Fortunately - we live in an era of change, and I want to believe that we will live in the era of honesty, because the tools have already been created to create this era.

    The first tool for this is an open blockchain. The ratings created in it will allow performers to compete not in marketing and tricks, but in the quality of services provided. The most talented and diligent of the performers will also be the most popular. Each service rendered will be assessed, and a constant and public rating in just a few months will eliminate the bad workers, cunning ones, and inept ones will make them improve. Over the next few years, a culture of service delivery will be created, and I want to believe that the word non-professionalism will cause only bewilderment among our grandchildren.

    Second tool- biometric readers, ranging from a fingerprint scanner, a retina scanner and ending with DNA reading devices. Combined with the ratings and profiles in the blockchain, they will make our data almost invulnerable to hacking, and the identification of users will become simple, reliable and unique as the retina, imprint or code of our cells. Trust can be deceived only once in a lifetime, while immediately losing it in the eyes of the whole world.

    The third tool is smart contracts that now allow you to enter into multimillion-dollar deals without fear of being deceived, deals with a single interpretation and without intermediaries. The performers will be calmly focused on their business, knowing for sure that their work will be paid.

    Each assessment recorded in the blockchain will not disappear with the closure of the company or a change of government, and sooner or later will become part of the world ranking. Already today one can observe the work of many companies starting to create markets for goods and services with the help of smart contracts and ratings in the blockchain. One of these companies is NoxBox, which has set itself an ambitious goal - to provide users around the world with high-quality services, fair prices, in the right place and with just one click. A talented team from Belarus with knowledge and diligence creates its own system. I am also pleased to be part of this team, as well as to see the efforts of many teams moving in the same direction, as well as discussions of such activities, for together we create the very era of Honesty about which only science fiction writers used to write.

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