ProfsoUX 2015 Conference: Review of Speech Applications

    ProfsoUX is, without a doubt, the main Russian conference for UX professionals and all who are interested in the convenience of interfaces and services, usability, UX (User eXperience), etc. etc. It has been held since 2012 by the UX SPb community in St. Petersburg ( ProfsoUX 14 Habro Report ).

    This year, the orgies received about fifty applications for performances. These are approximately 6 text screens, if you bring them all into one table. The organizers asked me, as an experienced habro-observer, to evaluate these very applications.

    It’s clear that in these usabilities of yours I’m like a pig in oranges, and therefore I looked at applications from my amateur bell tower. I was interested in the following: I have long noticed that applications for speeches are of particular value because they showThe average hospital temperature is a slice of an industry at a particular point in time. And perhaps this is true for any professional conference: people say as a topic exactly what hurts, what they want to talk about. No matter what field they work in.

    Below is a brief overview of applications for speaking at Profsoux 15. For convenience, I have broken them into thematic blocks.

    Traditional UX Techniques

    Part of the applications is devoted to new approaches or deeper consideration of traditional UX techniques: user research, design, UX testing.
    • How do you actually find information and make decisions?
    • What to do with the ever-increasing information noise?
    • How to test with minimal cost or with just one respondent?
    • How not to waste time and design in the subway, on napkins and even in the sand?

    Based on their experience, the speakers are ready to answer these questions to the conference participants.

    Here are some of the applications in this block:
    • Usability testing for 10,000 rubles
    • The thorny path of decision making
    • Information Persons (How People Look for Information)
    • When is one respondent enough?
    • Boiling point of the brain - we protect the user from information overload
    • The people against Panteleimon of the Nativity of Christ
    • Speeding up the prototyping process
    • Using the Symbol Function in Balsamiq Mockup

    The processes

    Many applications are devoted to the organization of the workflow of a UX specialist. How to build relationships with customers and colleagues? How to prioritize tasks? How to become a leader? This year, UX experts want to talk about the interaction of designers and designers, the fallacies of young professionals and understanding their business not as work, but as art.

    • 10 misconceptions of romantics from UX
    • The path of UX-ninja. The interface between designer and business
    • How to get the truth from the user and juice from the manager
    • Site system. Creation, development and interconnection of web resources of the organization with a complex structure of departments.
    • Design process for large projects
    • UX Specialists: Passion and Hate in a Team
    • Design as technology and art
    • UX to the manual: 12 errors, 6 life hacks

    Everywhere its own specifics

    Another conditional block of applications can be combined with the words "Everywhere has its own specifics." Different devices, customers, products and end users require a special approach. Experts working with Smart TV, mobile games, emails, sophisticated systems for professionals (shipbuilding, medicine ...) and even self-checkout counters offer their experience to share. How to design for geeks and is there a design in B2B?
    • UX for Geeks
    • On the same wavelength as the user. We design letters
    • Design in B2B
    • Smart TVs get smarter
    • Despite the screen
    • UI design features of large systems for professional users
    • Product path. From a business goal to implementation.
    • Application icons: how to make them is not beautiful, but right
    • Features of designing a mobile game

    Related Areas

    Another series of speakers wants to “see the world wider” and invite participants to pay attention to related specialties. The experts will equip the audience with an arsenal of business analysts, explain what programming techniques can be applied in work and how to go all the way with the product from idea to final, make friends with marketing and teach how to analyze the market and apply the KPI business.
    • Interface Designer = Business Analyst = System Analyst?
    • The designer / planner and programmer are sworn friends!
    • How to read the prototype correctly: the transition from UX to UI design
    • Whether UX is measured by conversion, or a few words about marketing in design
    • Iterative interface enhancement based on synthetic and business KPIs

    I am glad that among the listed applications there are many strong and intriguing. Now the program committee has a difficult job to review, listen to and select the best in ProfsoUX's program.

    Other formats are also discussed: blitz reports, round tables, discussions, as well as a special perversion: analysis of the conference’s mobile application. The latter will take place at the request of the application developers themselves.

    Read more about all applications here .

    Register for the conference, grabbing a special March price, and hear everything live here .

    See you at ProfsoUX!

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