The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 94 developer (on March 10-15)

    Perhaps the main event of the week was, perhaps, the release of the Apple Watch - ResearchKit appeared with the clock, the open beta testing of iOS began and iTunes fell. In addition, there are interesting materials on material design, a development guide for Intel Edison, the history of timing for amateur racing. All this and much more in the weekly digest for everyone interested in mobile development!

    Broadcast Apple Spring Forward

    The main novelty is, of course, the Apple Watch - new smart watches priced from 350 to 17,000 dollars.

    Open-source messenger for autistic children released

    Emoji is very cool, but sometimes not enough. There are groups of users with limited communicative abilities who need something even simpler. Ideally, that would be "it speaks and shows itself." So far, some intermediate options have to be invented.

    Material Design: to the moon and back

    In this article, I outlined the main principles of Material Design and gave advice on their implementation. The text is written in the wake of a master class for developers that we, Robots, arranged together with the Russian office of Google (Think Mobile).

    Connecting to Intel Edison via Android with Bluetooth LE (BLE)

    The objective of the article proposed below is to show how to write code for connecting hardware using the BLE protocol using the Intel Edison platform and Android devices with Bluetooth version 4.0 as an example. It uses exclusively free software and low-cost hardware components that are ready to go.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization


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