Opera bookmark sync between iOS, Android and computer

    Today we have a parade of updates: Opera 28  for computers, Opera 28  for Android and  Opera Mini 10  for iOS. There is something new on each of the platforms, but the main thing that unites them all is the same : single bookmarks that you can add, delete, edit and these changes are synchronized on all devices. For the first time, we talked about synchronization  in October 2014 and afterwards regularly shared updates. And today we can say with confidence: the synchronization is ready and ready on all devices.

    It’s easy to enable synchronization: enter the Opera username and password in the settings (if you already had a My Opera or Opera Link account, then it will do) - or get yourself a login if you haven’t done it yet:

    What's new in browsers?

    Opera 28 for Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Bookmark Sync
    • Updated engine Chromium 41
    • Better integration with OS X Yosemite
    • New built-in themes

    Opera 28 for Android
    • Bookmark Sync
    • Updated engine Chromium 41
    • Texture compression (browser now takes up less video memory)
    • New exit dialog and application icon

    Opera Mini 10 for iOS
    • Bookmark Sync
    • Tips on previously entered domains in the address bar
    • Many small fixes and improvements

    If you are a web developer and you are interested in what new things appeared in Opera 28 on Android and computers with updating the engine to Chromium 41, then we  talked about this in more detail on Dev.Opera . In short: a lot of tasty from ES6 and not only.

    And fix it with a fun roller

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