The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 93 developer (on March 2-9)

    This week Corona SDK and Unreal Engine 4 became free, Unity 5 came out (in which everything also became free), a single rating of mobile developers was published, there is an interesting story about creating an application for your beloved, an altimeter application and even an enchanting story about trying to do mobile year-long development. All this and much more in the weekly digest!

    Corona SDK is now free

    Four months ago, in November 2014, Corona was bought by FusePowered. Many predicted future changes in company policy and in the choice of ways of its development. The question was which way these changes would be. And today it happened - the Crown announced that the features previously available only in paid subscriptions will now be free.

    Under the wing of an airplane sings about something

    I’ll tell you how I wrote an altimeter application, interesting for air travelers. No ads. No money. Clean code.

    Code quality assurance in large-scale projects

    The year before I joined the group, there were 16 people, with me there were about 40, and now over 130. And one of the main problems caused by all these processes was the preservation of the quality of the code in a rapidly growing and complicated project.

    Mobile Developer Rankings 2015

    The rating in 2015 was headed by Mad Robots from Redmadrobot, St. Petersburg e-Legion came in second place, amazingly fearless developers from Unreal Mojo came in third, Articul Media came in fourth and clever pumpkins from CleverPumpkin closed five (again, St. Petersburg guys )



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization


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