Corona SDK is now free

    The creators of the well-known Corona SDK cross-platform mobile application development engine announced on March 2 that the Corona SDK will now be free.

    Four months ago, in November 2014, Corona was bought by FusePowered . Many predicted future changes in company policy and in the choice of ways of its development. The question was which way these changes would be. And today it happened - the Crown announced that the features previously available only in paid subscriptions will now be free.
    Let’s figure out what they are now offering us.

    Previously, Crown subscriptions looked as follows: The

    Starter version was free and provided really very basic features (however, they were enough for most of the functionality).
    Now all the features of Starter, Basic and Pro subscriptions are combined into one and are available for free immediately after registration.

    Enterprise subscriptions are still paid, but they are no longer positioned as the Corona SDK, but as the Corona Enterprise.

    For users who already have an account, just log in to Corona Simulator to update their status. This is done as follows:
    1. Launch Corona Simulator

    2. Go to File -> Preferences

    3. Press the Deauthorize and Quit button and restart Corona Simulator to log in again
    4. At startup, enter your email and password
    5. We watch the window with the Pro subscription

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Crown is not the only cross-platform mobile engine that opens the door to previously paid features. For example, Unreal Engine also announced on March 2 that it is now available to everyone for free.
    Competition in the market of mobile engines makes companies increasingly fight for developers creating a community.
    All success in the development!

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