Latest releases from Opera Developer 29

    For those of you who are closely following the English-language blog of the Opera developers for the computer and fighting with them in the comments, this article may be a repetition of already well-known novelties that appear one or two among the many fixed errors. For the rest - a short digest of new products in Opera 29 for the second half of February: a new story, new mouse gestures and pictures in the center (of attention).

    New story

    In recent builds, we updated the styles for the bookmark manager, and now all this beauty is available for the page with the story:

    Well, so that it would be easier to reach such a beauty (and you use the story quite often, as we noticed), now on the start page there is special button:

    New mouse gestures

    First, let me remind you of the old ones, suddenly someone forgot. Do not forget that in the Mac version you must first enable them in the settings.

    - back one page

    - forward one page

    - open a new tab

    - reload the page

    - close the current tab

    New gestures will work when interacting with links. That is, you right-click the link and, without releasing it, perform the magic passes with the mouse:

    - open the link in a new tab

    - open the link in a new window

    or - open the link in a new background tab

    Also, when using gestures for the first time, we now show a pop-up panel explaining what it is. You can always read about this and other features that have already appeared in stable versions (there are no new gestures there yet) in our Russian-language help . Suddenly you missed something.

    Pictures in the center

    The owners of large monitors have most of all asked for this opportunity: there is no need to put beautiful pictures somewhere in the corner, it is better to show them in the center. If the picture does not fit in the browser, it will remain in the middle, but will be neatly fit into this window. If you click on such a picture, then it will increase to its actual size. Moreover, the center of the picture will be the place where you clicked - it is very convenient if you need to consider any detail.

    The wonders of the balancing act (as well as the centered image) are demonstrated by Ruari Odegard, our Linux master. And this is not just a trick, he goes to work like that. You can try all this beauty in action on or by checking the update directly in the assembly, if you already have it.

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