Ethical hacking and penetration testing courses. New set

    Enrollment in new groups for ethical hacking and penetration testing courses is open

    We are pleased to announce a new set of practical training programs in the field of information security: Zero Security: A and Corporate Laboratories. The training process includes theoretical and practical training, where experienced Pentestit instructors will talk about the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and responsibility in the field of information technology, the nature and methods of detecting vulnerabilities, and demonstrate the work of professional Pentester tools. Each lesson is fixed by practice and independent work. Practical training takes place in the laboratory and accounts for 80% of the training program.. The duration and volume of tasks depend on the tariff plan. After training at Pentestit, students will learn about almost all stages of an attacker’s work, having secured their skills in specially trained pentest laboratories that mimic the work of the corporate network of real companies. The program ends with a final exam. For training you will need only Internet access and a computer.

    During the whole preparation process, a curator is available who is at any time ready to help and answer any questions on a specialized site (“Zero Security: A” - from top left, “Corporate laboratories” - from top right).

    Zero Security: A

    “Zero Security: A” is a Pentestit penetration testing initial training program, in which, under the guidance of experienced instructors, trainees master various penetration testing tools and learn the basics of ethical hacking: from intelligence and information collection to being secured in the system. The internship includes unique classes, including social engineering.

    Program “Zero Security: A” -
    Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and crimes in the field of information technology;
    -Models of threats, their types, objects of research:
    -Anthropogenic sources of threats;
    - Technogenic sources of threats;
    - Natural sources of threats;
    -Familiarity with Linux. An introduction to Kali Linux Rolling Edition 2016 and an overview of standard tools;
    - Exploration and collection of information;
    -Scan network;
    -Search and exploitation of vulnerabilities:
    -Exploitation of web-vulnerabilities, introduction to Burp Suite, familiarity with OWASP Top-10;
    -Safe network infrastructure;
    -Analysis of the security of wireless networks;
    -Introduction to the Metasploit Framework;
    - Bypass proactive protection systems;
    -Introduction to social engineering.

    Cost: 10 400 rub. for physical persons and 13 520 rub. for legal persons.

    "Corporate laboratories"

    “To protect yourself from hackers, you need to be able to think and act like a hacker. Otherwise, it’s impossible to understand what is a vulnerability that can help an attacker overcome your security systems and what doesn’t. ”

    For specialists interested in training in the field of information security and penetration testing, we are developing Corporate Laboratories, an exclusive training program from Pentestit in Russia and the CIS.

    The curriculum "KL"

    "Profi" -
    Legislation in the field of information security in Russia and abroad;
    - Penetration testing: methodology, methods, types, tools;
    -Network security: scanning, configuration errors, operation and post-operation;
    -Security of web applications: the nature of SQL injection, the basics of XSS and tools for exploiting web vulnerabilities;
    -Construction of effective information security systems: background information and an overview of existing IDS;
    Actual attack vectors: BYOD and APT;
    -Intercepter-NG - a unique tool for conducting automated network attacks;
    -The theory and practice of conducting various attacks of the man ‐ in ‐ the ‐ middle class using modern tools;
    -Advanced workshop on SQLi: attacks on MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases;
    -Advanced workshop on XSS: a demonstration of the most relevant varieties of XSS;
    - Demonstration of current vulnerabilities of modern web systems;
    -Network security: advanced methods of searching for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure;
    -Construction of effective information security systems: setting up and demonstration of specialized utilities and methods;
    -Practical work in specialized laboratories. Final pentest.
    Cost: 78 000 rub.

    Expert hardcore program
    We have “strengthened” our professional training courses with the Expert expert program, which includes unique content and complexity material, including an expert level of searching and exploiting vulnerabilities in popular operating systems, as well as cyber-crime investigation classes.

    Program of the “Expert” course
    Program of the tariff plan “Profi 2016”
    Post-operation in Windows systems: hashes and passwords;
    Post-exploitation in Windows systems: evolution of architectural attacks;
    Cybercrime investigation;
    Post-exploitation in GNU Linux systems: privilege escalation;
    Post-exploitation in Windows systems: privilege escalation;
    Post-exploitation in Windows systems: Powershell;
    Forensics: using the Volatily Framework to analyze RAM dumps and file systems;
    Forensics of mobile devices;
    Practical work in specialized laboratories. Final pentest.
    Cost: 130,000 rubles.

    Familiarize yourself and sign up for the course:
    “Zero Security: A” - an internship in the field of ethical hacking for beginners.
    Corporate Laboratories is an information security training program.

    Pentestit training programs and methods will allow you to significantly improve your skills in practical safety in a short time! We will be glad to see you in the courses, see you!

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