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    Hello, Habr!

    In January last year, the world learned that our company was buying part of the IBM business. In particular, this concerned the business of x86-based servers, including System x, Flex System and BladeCenter blades, as well as NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and, of course, related software and hardware.

    We think that many followed this event and waited for details. But soon the fairy tale affects, but not soon the thing is done. Such transactions are not completed overnight - the process is long, requiring careful work both on the part of the buyer and on the part of the seller. The mere pending approval of the transaction by the US Foreign Investment Committee took 150 days. This was followed by legal checks, the settlement of numerous formalities, and the process of transferring more than 7,000 IBM employees to the Lenovo family was started.

    On October 1, 2014, the transaction was officially completed, and since January 2015 in Russia we have been working together as one team. IBM System x rack and rack servers, blade servers and x86 BladeCenter and x86 Flex System integrated systems, as well as related software and migration and maintenance services, have become the prerogative of the Lenovo family. Thanks to Lenovo's strengths — scalability, performance, innovation, and extensive presence across multiple channels — coupled with IBM innovations, this transition is beneficial for everyone.

    Just the other day, our big bosses held an internal meeting to discuss the future development strategy for the Lenovo server segment.
    Until we publish the results of this meeting and now explain why!
    We suggest that you ask us questions about the future of the server products listed above, regarding interaction with customers and partners and the development of the industry (according to Lenovo) as a whole.

    You can ask directly in the comments. We think that a couple of days will be enough.

    Then we will combine the questions (and answers to them) with the results of the summit meeting and publish it here - on Habré.

    Let's make a reservation right away:
    • read the comments above, if any, it is possible that someone already asked your question;
    • try to clearly formulate the question so that later there is no misunderstanding;
    • Of course, we will try to answer everyone, but it may turn out that the answer will be a trade secret, therefore we apologize in advance, as we simply cannot give such answers.


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