SummaryJS: the most interesting of the world of JavaScript for the last week

    Two weeks ago, I started hosting my JavaScript podcast. And every week I accumulate a large list of interesting articles, videos and news that would be interesting to share with the community. In this regard, I decided to try to lay out just such a set of interesting materials.

    On Habré there are at least 2 weekly reviews of the world of the front-end. They are cool, but they write about the whole frontend. And I'm trying to pay more attention to JavaScript.

    If you like it - write, I will continue. If not, write too.

    React conf

    Final videos

    Videos, Podcasts

    React in 7 minutes
    JavaScript Jabber # 146
    Asynchronous Programming: The End of The Loop

    node, iojs

    node v0.12.0
    iojs 1.2.0
    nw.js v0.12.0-alpha1
    Node Summit
    int64 is coming to JavaScript


    Simple node.js code style tips to improve code quality
    Exploring $ q And Scope $ digest Integration In AngularJS
    Processing Binary Protocols with Client-Side JavaScript
    Using ES6 with Angular today
    Unwrapping JSON-P
    Change detection in Angular 2
    Patterns in AngularJS
    Let’s Write Fast JavaScript
    Destructuring and Recursion in ES6
    Variables and scoping in ECMAScript 6
    Iterating ES6 Numbers
    How to start writing apps with ES6, Angular 1.x and JSPM
    expert-es6 course
    Non-blocking web fonts using LocalStorage
    RegExp and Template Strings
    io.js Week of February 6th 2015
    60 FPS on the Mobile Web
    Rebuilding HipChat with React.js
    ReactJS: Advanced Performance

    Tools, libraries

    react-canvas - super-productive work with Canvas using React from the Flipboard service team
    angular-virtual-dom - the virtual DOM, so popular in React, can be screwed to AngularJS using this
    ambidex library - server rendering, modularity and hot loading. All this became possible thanks to React, Webpack and Reflux
    vissense - tracking changes in the DOM
    DarkLord - solving authentication problems in NodeJS
    Cerebellum.js - isomorphic JavaScript
    memory-stats.js - the size of the JavaScript memory used right on the
    lz-string page - compression algorithm in JavaScript
    ie8linter - checking a site for compatibility with IE8
    css-statistics - the most relevant statistics on css in the
    in-browser redis project - people have nothing to do and they just add Redis to the
    6to5-sublime browser - ES6 and React support in Sublime
    reapp - hybrid applications using React, Webpack and ECMAScript 2015
    hubpress. io - GitHub Blogging Tool

    New versions

    WebStorm EAP 10
    git 2.3.0
    git 2.3.0 Habr
    Esprima 2.0
    Ember QUnit 0.2.x
    ESLint 0.14.1
    ember 1.10.0
    AngularJS 1.4.0, beta 4
    BrowserSync 2.0


    JS1k - a competition where you need to make the coolest demo no larger than 1KB

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