Toaster. Collective question editing

    A little earlier we already announced collective editing of tags on the “Toaster”. Today we go further and introduce collective editing of questions. Now each member of the community can make changes to the questions of any other member. You can edit everything: the essence of the question, its details, as well as the tags to which the question is attached.

    A new opportunity offers us the following stunning prospects.

    Improving accuracy and speed of delivery issues

    For the service of questions and answers, it is very important to be able to deliver questions to those people who are interested in this topic and can help with the answer. Delivery is implemented by linking the question to the correct tags. Users who subscribe to question tags receive it in their feed, as well as in their email, through an enhanced subscription to tags or through a weekly digest .

    Often, users, especially beginners, casually put down the tags of their question: either they prescribe superfluous, or vice versa - they do not add the necessary ones. As a result, for some tags, the feed may be cluttered with irrelevant questions, and for other tags, on the contrary, it may not be filled with relevant questions.

    Now the situation can be significantly improved. Everyone can go into any question and correct those tags to which he was attached by the author.

    Clarification of the meaning of questions

    Often questions are asked by those who are not very strong in this matter, or by those who are difficult to give a written statement of their thoughts. Therefore, the wording of the questions is incomprehensible, confusing, and sometimes simply incorrect. They respond reluctantly to such questions, and sometimes simply hostilely. But sometimes it’s enough just to slightly adjust the wording and rearrange the emphasis, and the question from “stupid” becomes very “smart” and interesting.

    Now those who own the topic and are able to clearly state their thoughts will be able to help those who have not yet mastered these skills to convey their thoughts to specialists. It is enough to amend the essence (title) or details (description) of the issue.

    Creating a comfortable knowledge-sharing environment

    Those who constantly monitor questions in their specialty have to browse through many texts. And a lot of grammatical and syntactical errors in these texts, through which you have to get through to understand what they ask you, are irritating. This greatly reduces people's productivity, resulting in far fewer good answers appearing.

    From now on, those who are friends with the Russian language will be able to act as text editors. And thus, not only help experts quickly grasp the essence of the issue, but also help authors of illiterate texts master the power of the Russian language.

    How collective editing of questions works

    In order for the proposed revision to take effect, the author of the question or the moderator must accept it. All accepted edits are saved on the page with the history of changes in the question: here you can see exactly who suggested what edits. A little later we will definitely reward those who are actively involved in improving the quality of issues on the Toaster.

    To suggest editing a question, you need to click on the ellipsis icon and in the drop-down menu go to the "Correct the question" link.

    After that, you find yourself in the form of creating a new version of the question. This form is no different from the usual form of the question. It is immediately filled with the data of the current version.

    After saving your version, you get to the page with the history of the question and you see your version, in which those edits that you made are noted.

    The author of the question immediately receives a notification that such and such a user offers an edit. He follows the link leading directly to the new version, where he also sees all the changes made. Here he has two buttons: “Accept” and “Reject”. If he accepts the proposed version, then it becomes relevant, and a notification is sent to the author of the edit that his edit was accepted. The next time you call the context menu of the question, you see that there is already a history of changes (the number of accepted edits is displayed in brackets).

    Let's make “Toaster” the best place together, where they quickly give qualified answers to any questions on IT topics! And yes, collective editing of questions will help us.

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