Four short datacenter polls

    Throughout 2014, the analytical division of Media Grus conducted various surveys among the focus audience on topics relevant to data center industry professionals. The results of the polls with the comments of market experts were published in No. 7.8.9 of the journal TsODy.RF and aroused great interest of readers. The success of this column is largely due to the fact that the polls allow you to uncover the most relevant, including pressing issues on issues that are not commonly discussed in the official press. We do not sell the results of surveys and our studies, but we attach our audience to see the pages of the magazine and the professional portal .

    We continue this project and invite you to participate in the following surveys., which are conducted in order to find out:

    1. What does the customer think about the server cabinets that he uses in his data center?
    2. Why carry out complex or autonomous tests of the engineering infrastructure of the data center?
    3. Survey of the general contractor for the creation of the data center
    4. Survey of the customer of the project for the creation of the data center

    In order to take part in the polls, just follow the relevant links and have an account on
    The results of the proposed surveys with the comments of experts from the market of data centers will be published in the February issue of the magazine "Data Center.RF". We remind you that the magazine is distributed free of charge. You can subscribe to it on the website .

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