First build of Opera 29 with tab sync

    Recently, we wrote about Opera 28 beta, which means it's time to build Opera 29 Developer. And if in beta we finally turned on bookmark synchronization by default (which means we will launch it soon in the final), then in this assembly of Opera 29 we went further and taught synchronization to see tabs from other devices.

    Tab Sync

    Now in the Opera → Recent tabs menu on Windows and Linux and in the History → Recent tabs menu on Mac and Linux Unity you can find tabs open on other devices, which is especially convenient if you started to do something on the phone and switched to the computer ( and vice versa).

    I hear voices

    You have probably been in a situation where some voices start to sound in your head or some sounds play out of the blue very out of place music that you listen to. And you begin to look for where this bastard, who turned on herself, is driving you crazy. Now we take care of your nerves and immediately show which tab “sounds” now.

    And these are only those changes that can be felt and shown, but besides this, in the first build of Opera 29 there are already more than 220 corrections, read more about them in the list of changes .

    Give three! You are welcome

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