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    We have published the 2nd edition of the book by Chad Fowler "Programmer-fanatic"


    The book is dedicated to how to realize yourself and make a career. Self-realization and luck rarely come by chance. They require thoughtfulness, determination, action and a willingness to dramatically change course, if necessary. This book describes a strategy that allows you to plan and implement a career that is perfect from the point of view of success (and as a result, life) of a software developer. In this book you will not find a description of specific technologies, algorithms and programming languages ​​- this is not its value. It is a collection of practical tips and tricks regarding situations that any developer sometimes faces: lack of motivation, choice of priorities, programming psychology, relationships with management and colleagues, and many others. Such knowledge usually comes only as a result of many years of experience in real work. By and large, before you - a brightly and fascinatingly written guide that will help you quickly make a career in the software development industry to anyone who has set such a goal.

    “I often wonder why so many good musicians are also good programmers? The reason is simple. It's not that the same brain functions are used, both professions are nuanced, both require creativity. The fact is that a person who wants to become great is much more likely to become one than someone who just wants to do his job. And even if not everyone can be Martin Fowlers, Linus Torvalds or pragmatic programmers, setting such a high goal makes this more likely.

    you should

    Most people follow anyone's plans, but not their own. All you need to do to separate yourself from others is to stop and take a good look at your career. You need to stick to your plan, not someone else's.

    How to make such a plan? Software development is a business. As programmers, we are also businessmen. Our companies hired us not because they love us. This has never been and never will be. Just because it has nothing to do with business. Companies do not exist at all so that every day we have a place to go. The goal of the business is to make money. To succeed in the company, you must have a clear idea of ​​how you fit into the plan for making money.

    As we will see later, keeping you on the staff, the company spends significant funds. She is investinginto you. Your task is to become an absolutely good investment. You will judge your productivity depending on the value that you bring to the organization or to the customer who hired you.

    Think of your career as the life cycle of a product you create. He is born thanks to you and your skills. In this book, we will look at four facets that a business should focus on when designing, developing, and selling a product. And we will see how these four facets manifest themselves in a career.

    ???? Choose a market . Consciously and carefully choose the technologies and business areas on which you will concentrate. How to balance risks and returns? How to take into account the supply and demand factor?
    Invest in your product. Your knowledge and skills are the cornerstone of the whole product. Proper investment in them is the key to good demand in the labor market. Just knowing Visual Basic or Java is no longer enough. What other skills might you need in the new economic environment?
    Take action . Simple maintenance of workers with strong skills does not bring the company money. They must be brought by workers. How to achieve this without getting bogged down in a routine? How do you know that you are of sufficient value to a company ?
    Sell ​​it! Even the best product will not be sold if no one knows about its existence. How to gain recognition in the company and in the industry as a whole without fawning?

    The purpose of the book is to show the systemic way of building an outstanding career as a software developer. The author
    reviewed the examples and described the actions that you can take right now and which will have a positive effect both in the short and long term. The author will not talk about how to save the work. If you are afraid of losing your job, then the steps taken to build an outstanding career will save you from this fear. Extraordinary developers do not sit idle. They do not do fruitless job searches. Therefore, do not worry. Focus on victory and forget about fear forever. ”

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