Technopark - 3 years

    Recently, Mail.Ru Technopark celebrated its third anniversary. All these three years we talked about him on Habré: wrote about how it all began, were proud of the results of the first two years, our teachers shared their experiences, we published lectures. During this time, teachers and students did a great job: our program has become more extensive, more useful and cooler, there are open preparatory courses, we organized a summer school. We have already completed 6 semesters of intensive training, by the end of which only the best of the best remain. And most importantly, we graduated from two courses of qualified specialists, many of whom, after graduation, got jobs at Mail.Ru Group and other large IT companies.

    A few numbers for all this time:
    • 222 students
    • 37 teachers
    • 22 disciplines
    • 89 interns for the entire period of existence of the Technopark
    • 35 students are currently undergoing internship at Mail.Ru Group
    • 40 people have successfully completed an internship and have already transferred to the state

    Everyone loves lists, so here is another one - the board of our achievements:
    • Launched open courses and conducted 20 workshops with leading experts in the IT industry;
    • They held a Technostart championship, the winners of which took part in the Russian-Chinese competition in web development;
    • Opened a student lab;
    • Spent 2 first graduations.

    Under katom more about everything.

    A small flashback in the history of Technopark. Three years ago, the Mail.Ru Group, together with MSTU named after N.E.Bauman, opened an educational project that allows senior students and graduate students of MSTU to undergo free additional training in the field of IT. The technopark is growing specialists in our field: web developers and system architects of highly loaded systems. The main task, in short, is to adapt the student to real life. Speaking more fully, the Technopark provides an opportunity to learn from IT experts, try your hand at real projects and solve real problems. The output is experience, many have their own product, someone has a job in leading IT companies. The project works, develops and bears fruit. This year, the Technopark program was included in the "Catalog of the best educational programs of RAEC."

    How it works?

    The main program of the course is designed for 2 years and includes 22 disciplines. The first year of training is devoted to acquiring skills in the development of web services. The second year - special disciplines aimed at developing the competencies of a system architect. The employees at the Technopark are taught mainly by Mail.Ru Group. Also last year, we began to attract specialists from other IT companies, for example, from Kaspersky Lab, who supplemented our open courses program, but more on that later.

    How to proceed?

    Recruitment to the Technopark takes place 2 times a year: in September and February. Over the past three years, the competition for a place has grown three times - from two to six people. Selection takes place in two stages. The first step is online testing. The second is a technical interview conducted by one of the technopark teachers. You can find out more details, find examples of tasks and (if you are a student at MSTU) you can apply for entrance examinations on the Technopark's official website .

    Over the past year, many interesting events have taken place in the Technopark, we will talk about some of them now.

    Open courses

    Now everyone who does not manage to go through all the stages of entering the Technopark can listen to a whole course in a certain discipline. At the beginning of the year, we launched two such courses: “Unity 3D” and “IT Project Management”. The students really liked the format of the courses, so from the new year a course on basic Linux administration started. The Technopark also invited colleagues from Kaspersky Lab to conduct a vulnerability analysis course.

    Training courses

    Not only students of specialized faculties can (and want) to study at the Technopark. However, often students lack knowledge for the required passing score, and above all knowledge of C / C ++. For them, we launched courses in which you can pull up knowledge and prepare for admission. The program initially started as an experiment, and according to the results of entrance examinations, it became clear that it was a success: Dmitry Merkuriev, a law student, received the highest passing score.

    Championship Technostart

    Another very important project for us that we launched at the end of May is Technostart. The goal of this championship is to create a web service that will improve student life. Any student at MSTU named after Bauman, in the end it turned out about 250 people and 46 projects. The prize went to the Mobile University application , which facilitates the student’s life, helping to navigate the walls of the university, work with the schedule and find out the latest news. The second and third place was taken by the application for broadcasting music for iOS “ NULLA ” and “Applicant PRO”, which helps the applicant to choose a department at MSTU. Bauman . The list of other competitive projects can be found on the Technostart website in the section “ Ideas".

    The experience of Technostart inspired us to introduce the practice of graduation projects in the Technopark itself. Now students are graduating from Technopark not only with a diploma, but also with a completed project, which will be further considered by their potential employers or will become the basis of their own startup.

    Competition Russia vs China

    By the way, the history of the Mobile University project that won in Technostart continued beyond the competition. The Technostart team, led by a student at Technopark Nikolai Chameyev, went to a mobile app development contest for students in Russian and Chinese universities. The project took fourth place; given that the rest of the teams had about a year to prepare, and our team had only two weeks, the results are impressive. Now we are tracking student championships in which technoparkers and technostartists will be able to participate.

    Summer school

    This year, the Technopark held the first summer courses, in which about 80 students took part. The information security course was taught by Yaroslav Rabovolyuk, Head of the Information Security Division at Mail Ru Group. The tasks performed within the framework of the course were conceived by students as a summer practice. This summer we plan to supplement the list of departments (and faculties) and expand our summer school.

    First two issues

    While polishing the Technopark program, we were largely guided by student feedback: we asked what they lacked, analyzed the results of tests and exams. The first releases of the Technopark made the greatest contribution to the formation of the program - and today we want to thank the guys who became pioneers.

    To date, we have 31 graduates on our account. For the first graduation, the entire Technopark team (students, teachers, organizers) went to Sochi. Dmitry Grishin (by the way, also a graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University) held a round table with second-year graduates of Mail.Ru Group CEO, where everyone could ask his question and get a feedback.

    For three years we have come a long way. Our graduates work in leading IT companies in Russia, and we are proud of them. Ahead we have new championships, the implementation of plans and new achievements.

    PS In the comments we invite the residents of Habra to share their memories of the courses that you took. What was most useful, what was not useful at all, what was missing? We carefully listen and record - and, perhaps, we will realize something from your experience in the Technopark.

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