PHP Digest No. 56 - interesting news, materials and tools (January 25 - February 8, 2015)

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    News and Releases


    • must readRFC: Scalar Type Hints - In the midst of a vote on a proposal for typing hinting for scalars, supplemented by the ability to specify strict or non-strict type checking. For the proposal to be accepted, 2/3 of the votes are needed, and at the moment the score is 40 for and 23 against. In php.internals, controversy continues and arguments are presented on both sides.
      In the meantime, the author of the proposal makes PHP Predictions for 2015 , and enthusiasts even register comic domains: .
    • RFC: Add cyclic string replacements - It is proposed to expand the capabilities str_replace()so that the parameter is replaceused cyclically. This will allow you to make such replacements:str_replace("?", array("'Joe'", "'Smith'"), "SELECT * FROM people WHERE first = ? AND last = ?");
    • RFC: Fix "foreach" behavior - Due to a weird implementation, the loop foreachbehaves unpredictably in rare cases. It is proposed to change the implementation, so that the behavior becomes consistent and performance improves slightly.
    • RFC: Group Use Declarations - Suggestion for improving syntax usefor namespaces:
      use Doctrine\Common\Collections\Expr\{ Comparison, Value, CompositeExpression };
    • RFC: Remove the date.timezone warning - Every PHP developer saw a Warning about an undefined option date.timezonewhen working with date functions. It is suggested to disable this message.
    • RFC: Skipping optional parameters for functions - Voting started on the old proposal - add the ability to skip optional parameters using the keyword defaultin the argument list:foo(1, default, 3);


    Learning Materials

    Materials from past conferences

    • Good Chemistry - Slides from Rasmus Lerdorf's report on PHP 7. Other sweets from the SunshinePHP conference are available here .
    • videoPHPNW14 - Videos of all reports.


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