Raspberry Pi 2 freezes on flash

    On February 7, PeterO member Raspberrypi.org announced that he had discovered an unusual problem with his new Raspbery Pi 2.

    I have discovered that my PI2 is camera-shy!
    Taking it's picture with a flash causes an instant power off!
    I've done it three times now and same thing happens each time.

    I found that my Pi2 is shy about cameras!
    Attempting to photograph a board with a flash causes it to turn off instantly!
    I photographed her three times, and each time it happened again.

    Other forum participants soon also found this problem in their raspberry specimens. What is the exact reason for the temporary failure of the mini-computer: a flash of light or an electromagnetic pulse of the flash power circuits is still unclear. The pun is that the light itself is also electromagnetic radiation.

    X-ray emission spectrum. Powerful energy peaks are clearly visible in the near-infrared region over its entire length.

    Presumably, the problem lies in the selected controller of the switching power supply (located near the HDMI port, designated as U16), which is unstable to the intense radiation of xenon lamps.

    Forum users suggested that the NCP6343 chip is hidden under the U16 chip .

    It is noteworthy that even on completely de-energized RPi2, short-term voltage surges of up to 3 volts are observed upon irradiation with its xenon flash.


    The board does not react to the flash of mobile phones, only xenon flash causes the problem. It is not known whether the manufacturer is going to recall defective boards and release a new revision.

    So far there are only two solutions:
    1) do not take pictures of the RPi2 with a flash;
    2) place RPi2 in an opaque case.


    Meanwhile, RPi2 is already in wide sale, and it can finally be purchased on Amazon to experiment with the flash .

    Raspberry PiTM 2 Model B Project Board - 1GB RAM - 900MHz Quad-Core CPU

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