A few interesting and useful things for web developer # 38

    Good day, dear Khabravchians. Recently, I saw several interesting and useful tools / libraries / events that I want to share with Habr.


    A traditional “awesome” collection of useful resources for the heart- beatting millions of React.js frameworks.

    CSS Reference

    Probably the most comprehensive CSS reference from the authors of Codrops with their amazing HTML / CSS / SVG implementations. In addition to the fact that this CSS list describes all the latest properties, pseudo-classes, functions, types, rules, it also contains information on the latest concepts from W3C.


    Progress bar in the style of Material Design on CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript without dependencies on third-party libraries.


    A modern JavaScript framework developed by Rob Eisenberg, a former member of the AngularJS team. The key points that were emphasized: support for different ES5, ES6, TypeScript, AtScript and CoffeeScript, modularity, the ability to use web components, 2-way data-binding and testability. The project literally in a few days gathered more than 1000 stars.


    Tiny JavaScript library for type checking. There is also a similar Types.js .

    var getArguments = function() {
        return arguments;
    var arguments = getArguments();
    => true
    is.not.arguments({foo: 'bar'});
    => true
    is.all.arguments(arguments, 'bar');
    => false
    is.any.arguments(['foo'], arguments);
    => true
    // 'all' and 'any' interfaces can also take array parameter
    is.all.arguments([arguments, 'foo', 'bar']);
    => false

    Webogram - Telegram port for web

    Vivaldi browser

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