Opensource-rescuer of cats, dogs and other animals in PHP


    Immediately a link to the repository on Github

    Three months ago, on October 18, Penza held the Penza City Upgrade hackathon to develop social applications that make life better in the city.

    The hackathon was won by employees of the Helping Stray Animals Help Fund, who are just looking for new owners for stray animals on social networks.

    Well, the Plus One company made them a small beautiful adaptive website with a database of homeless animals, filters and an admin panel.

    And under the terms of the hackathon, all the source codes of the finished work should be published on the github (it happened).

    So now, you can take the finished project, deploy it in your city / district / region / republic, invite numerous members of local tails groups there, etc. and help them make our world a little better.

    Hosting, domain and contacts of local rescuers - that’s all you need.

    How to find such a local group? It’s easy, almost every one of us has a girlfriend / mom / sister / wife / girlfriend / acquaintance - one of them is somehow involved in the activities of such groups, or at least tell you the contacts.

    The development was supported by the Greenhouse of Social Technologies.

    Please send your pull requests here or here .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Homeless animals regrets mine:

    • 3% Sister 6
    • 8.2% Mom 16
    • 7.2% Girlfriend 14
    • 10.8% Wife 21
    • 10.8% Girl 21
    • 2.5% Neighbor 5
    • 36.5% I am a dog hunter 71
    • 0% My friend / boyfriend / husband 0
    • 20.6% I myself regret them 40

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