Charles Nutter on Dynamic Languages ​​in JVM on

    At the regular meeting of the Moscow community of Java developers , held on October 4, 2018, Charles Nutter spoke about the technologies used by JRuby and other dynamic languages ​​for JVM .

    About speaker

    Charles is one of two key JRuby project developers . The most active participant of conferences as a speaker, including several times participated in conferences of the Group .

    Some of his reports are in chronological order:
    • "Beyond JVM" ( YOW! 2013 : video )
    • “What's Next For The JVM?” ( GOTO 2014 : video )
    • "Let's Talk About Invokedynamic" ( Joker 2016 : video , presentation )
    • “From Java to Assembly: Down the Rabbit Hole” ( Joker 2016 : video , presentation )
    • "More Than You Want To Know About Java's String" ( JBreak 2017 : video , presentation )
    • "More Than You Want To Know About Java's String" ( JPoint 2017 : Presentation )
    • “Going Native: Foreign Functions on the JVM” ( JPoint 2017 : video , presentation )
    • “JRuby in 2017: Fast, Compatible, and Concurrent” ( RubyConfBY 2017 : video )
    • “JRuby at 15 Years: Meeting the Challenges” ( RubyKaigi 2017 : video )
    • "MethodHandles Everywhere" ( Jfocus 2018 : video , presentation )
    • "Graal Without Truffle" ( JVM Language Summit 2018 : video )

    More links: twitter , tech blog , github , YouTube channel .

    About the report

    The current visit by Charles of Moscow was connected with his participation in the RubyRussia conference (see the interview with him on Habré ). The efforts that Andrei Kogun put into practice allowed the participants of to meet with Charles.

    Andrei opens the meeting. A handshake with a speaker that has already become traditional. In the first half of the meeting, Charles talked about the current state of dynamic languages ​​in the JVM : comparing static and dynamic languages, the place of JRuby among various programming languages, the characteristics of JRuby properties , test results, the future of dynamic languages.

    In the second half there was a practical demonstration of examples illustrating the previously shown presentation. Very interesting questions from the listeners were asked both during the performance, during the break and after the meeting: about the demand for the product and the number of JRuby developers , comparison of the performance of the Ruby language implementations , rationality and features of the transition to JRuby with Jython (by IvanPonomarev ) and so on. . The questions were liked by both the audience and Charles . You can view the presentation of the report here (a jugmsk account has been created on SpeakerDeck

    On which the archive of previous meetings will appear and presentations of future ones will be laid out).

    Photos coming soon here . The video will be available on YouTube (with the announcement on VK and Google+ ). It is possible to subscribe to the announcement of the next meeting .

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