Pivotal discontinues Groovy & Grails development since March 31

    Bad news everyone!

    Pivotal, which has sponsored the development of Groovy & Grails in recent years, has announced the termination of project sponsorship starting March 31.

    Groovy 2.4 and Grails 3.0 releases will be the latest releases under the wing of Pivotal.

    Does this mean that the future of Groovy & Grails is over? Of course not! Both projects have already begun to look for new development sponsors. They will continue to develop as Open Source projects, as it was before, but now they need our help in finding new development sponsors.

    How can we, the developer community, help them? First and foremost - disseminate information. Let every company that used Groovy & Grails in their development find out that these projects are looking for a new sponsor, and perhaps your company will become their new home.

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