Upgrading to Windows 1809 (sometimes) destroys all files in the profile

    Colleagues in the overseas shop warn ( 1 , 2 ) that there is a serious bug in the Windows 1809 installer.

    At this point, it is known that you will lose files from your profile (My Documents, Images, Desktop, etc.) if you have folder forwarding enabled (folder redirection) profile to another location or they were synchronized with OneDrive.

    UPD # 1
    Spiceworks users found incorrect work of the policy of cleaning old profiles

    UPD # 2
    At the moment, the incorrect work of the group policy of cleaning up old profiles has been confirmed - the situations described on reddit or answers.microsoft.com seem to be caused by this particular bug. At 23:59 05.10.2018 in the subject there is not a single person who suffered from this situation. However, the case from upd # 1 is easily repeated in any virtual machine.

    UPD # 3
    As expected, the build is revoked.

    Subject on Microsoft Answers.

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