[Training] IT games for managers, programmers, customers and big bosses

    If you are IT managers or you are an IT specialist yourself, you are 99% likely to play on your own or are forced to play the most sophisticated psychological games. The goals of the games are different, but often only the one who starts playing and knows what he is playing wins. The second player almost always loses, unless he knows these Games, knows how to recognize them in time and exit them.

    IT games for managers

    The real rules of the game are not always voiced. You will never win if you do not know what you are playing.

    For 4 nights, fleeing the heat of the day late at night, we will look at the typical and rare psychological games that are found in the IT world. These games are played by project managers, programmers and testers, and sometimes even managers and customers.

    They don’t talk about it during the day. Without bills, without censorship, live on the air, we will consider the theory of games in IT: how to play and win or not play unfair games. Read more >>

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