Apple - Environmental Responsibility

    In 2011, Greenpeace published a report that assessed the degree of workload of companies on the ecosystem, where Apple led the rating of climate offenders. After Greenpeace’s critical statements against Apple regarding the use of non-renewable energy sources, the company presented to the public a plan to transition all data centers to 100% renewable energy sources.

    Currently, Apple is close to its goal: corporate campuses and data centers use 94% of their activity (in 2010 this figure was 35%) using green energy. The next step is to expand this program and involve a network of retail stores in this program.

    The company currently has environmental data centers in Maiden, North Carolina, and Newark, California. And the construction of an additional center in Prinevelle - Oregon, which will operate on combined energy sources, is also ongoing. Apple is also working on a facility in Reno, Nevada. One of the clusters is built, the second of eight is under construction.

    These data centers have long served to process digital content such as music, movies, and applications. In 2011, the company added a load with iCloud to these functions. The new data center in Maiden, launched in December 2012, has become the jewel of Apple's data centers, as it runs on fully renewable energy sources. One of the reasons for such high energy efficiency is the use of solar panels, which can be seen in the video:

    Usually, Apple’s latest developments are surrounded by a halo of secrecy, however, when it comes to environmental protection, the company deviates from this standard. Data centers, in the end, consume a huge amount of electricity. For example, in the US alone, data centers use up to 2% of all electricity generated in the country, and this need will triple over the next decade.

    Data centers in Newark and Princeneville are heavily powered by wind. In the future, it is planned to switch to hydropower plants. An innovative technology will be used, thanks to which the data center will use water energy, temporarily taking it from irrigation canals.

    However, the main source of energy for Apple is still solar energy. The data center in Maiden is powered by solar panels, which occupy a huge area: about 80 hectares! The total capacity is 40 MW. The solar panels themselves are made of black silicon.

    However, Reno's data center will use Sun Power's even more efficient technology called C7. This system consists of solar concentrators and a large number of mirrors in the shape of a parabola. Mirrors are located on the same surface and are controlled by trackers that transmit several times the amount of solar energy to the battery cells, making energy efficiency up to 23%. The use of such revolutionary technology is especially relevant in areas with a high level of solar radiation, including the state of Nevada, where the object in Reno is located.

    By mid-2015, a further transition to C7 technology is planned and the total area of ​​the facility will be about 50 hectares, and the total capacity is 18 ... 20 MW. Thus, at present, Apple is one of the few companies in the world that use renewable energy sources almost completely.

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