Video Metadata Framework SDK - Intel New Year Gift

    As a gift for the upcoming holidays, Intel offers you a free and very interesting product - Video Metadata Framework (VMF) SDK - a cross-platform SDK for developing C ++ applications that simplifies the management of metadata in video files.
    Metadata - information about the content of the video - can either be initially recorded by the recorder (GPS coordinates, accelerometer readings, shooting time), or generated by middleware, for example, OpenCV (recognition of faces and objects).
    Intel VMF allows you to organize the search, sorting, uploading and various processing of pre-recorded metadata to change the presentation of the video as a whole - as part of the trend of Digital Storytelling now. DS-applications should ideally be able to automatically edit the video sequence based on the required criteria expressed by metadata - for example, from a gigabyte of video taken in the mountains, make a minute video about your best ski slopes.
    The following operating systems are currently supported: Windows on x86 and x64, Android on ARM and x86, iOS, Linux on x86, x64, MIPS and ARM.
    Intel Video Metadata Framework SDK page on Intel
    Download Intel Video Metadata Framework SDK for Windows

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