Python Meetup 11/28/14: packaging, printing and bugs

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Python Meetup MinskHello!
On November 28, the last meeting of lovers of the Python programming language took place in 2014. The topics this time were discussed the most hardcore: code packaging and preparation for printing documents with a complex structure. And within the framework of the “free microphone” the problem of bug tracking was raised.

stas_ruders_wargaming_python_meetup_practical_python_packaging“Practical Python Packaging” Stas Rudakov
Web Developer Wargaming

When you look at a story, it starts to seem like it has always been. But it turns out that not everything was before us, something appeared before our eyes.

Code packaging is necessary both in the work of the Open Source guru and in the daily practice of developers. Indeed, many people want to use ready-made solutions and share their best practices, easily install and uninstall programs, have their own PyPL compatible server, etc. Stas talked about the history of packaging in Python, starting with the distutils module in Python 1.6 and ending with scripts for installing pip in Python 3.4. He showed some simple ways to package code and shared useful hacks that can greatly facilitate the work with packaged code.
This report will be useful to all professionals who plan to use ready-made solutions or package their own best practices for sharing in a professional environment.
Stas presentation can be downloaded here .

Andrey_Puchko_Python_Printer_penta_by_python_meetup_wargaming“Python & Printer” Andrey Puchko

We are programmers, we like to code, rather than use ready-made solutions.

Andrey has been involved in the automation of various processes in accounting, accounting and management for 20 years. Since 2008, Python has been helping him in this. In his report, he introduced the audience to the formats and technologies that are used to print complex documents. In conclusion, Andrei presented his own technology, which makes it possible to simplify the process of preparing documents for printing and supports basic text formats. He was interested in the opinion of the community about the relevance of such a technology and the need to turn it into an online service.
The report will be useful to specialists working on the creation of reports and large complexly structured documents.
Andrey's presentation can be downloaded here .

Bugs_in_Python_Anatoly_Daby_free_microphone_python_meetup“Bugs in Python” Anatoly Babenya
Free microphone

What gameplay should the Python community come up with to get a little fan working with bugs?

Did you know that there are bugs in Python? In his blitz report, Anatoly spoke about the work of the Python bug tracker bug tracker, with the help of which he can report bugs and find a way to fix them along with Python'ists from around the world. Unfortunately, the service is almost not known among developers. Anatoly proposed several ideas, the competent implementation of which could make this bugtracker one of the most useful and effective tools in the work of a programmer.
This report will be of interest to all active members of the community who want to not only make a quality product, but also develop Python.

This was our last meeting this year. In December, Python'ists rest and celebrate the holidays in order to gather with renewed vigor at the Python Meetup in 2015!

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