Epson Moverio BT-200 Android Developer Contest Results

    We recently summed up the Android developer contest for the Epson Moverio BT-200 . In the competition, participants uploaded their applications in three categories - games, AR- and non-AR-applications in the struggle for Epson technology.

    It's time to announce the results!

    Evgeny Dzhaksimov, Head of the VI and Business Directions of Epson Europe BV in Russia, presents prizes to the winners

    Apps and Prizes

    Category "Best App without Augmented Reality"

    1. 3D-Photos: Russo-Japan War 1904  - 3D-photos of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905
      Developers - Yana Artishcheva, Anastasia Godunova. Prize - Epson BT-200 video glasses .

    2. BeBack Light  is the voice-activated GPS navigator of the mushroom picker.
      Developer - Vladislav Pomelov. Prize - projector Epson EH-TW490 .

    3. Colorizer  is an assistant application for people with color impairment.
      Developer - Andrei Popleteev. Prize - "Printing Factory" Epson L355 .

    Category "Best Game (AR- and Non-AR):

    1. No safe Place  - an arcade game in which the player needs to collect coins, avoiding collisions with computer enemies - “worms” (Honestly, they thought about how to describe for a long time =)
      Developer - Roman Bryukhanov. Prize - Epson BT-200 video glasses .

    2. GyroCar  is an AR game in which you can control a virtual toy car.
      The machine is “superimposed” on the surrounding space, and you can follow it with head movements thanks to the use of a gyroscope built into video glasses.
      Developer - Roman Bryukhanov. Prize - projector Epson EH-TW490 .

    3. Lyfos (Leafs) - a logical game in which you need to collect balls of the same color into flasks.
      Developer - Anar Ibragimov. Prize - "Printing Factory" Epson L355 .

    Category "Best Augmented Reality Application":

    1. ARPiano  is a piano teacher application.
      Allows you to display the keys that you need to press the user in order to play one of the two tunes built into the application.
      The developer is Igor Shadurin. Prize - Epson BT-200 video glasses .

    ... and that’s it. Alas, nobody took the second and third place in this category. This is due to the fact that we received applications from several developers, but did not find these applications in the Moverio Apps Market. Attempts to contact the developers, unfortunately, were unsuccessful.

    Winners Photos

    Of course, we cannot but share the photos of the participants and their friends that we managed to make at the presentation in our Moscow office.

    By the way

    Roman’s application GyroCar has already appeared in one of the foreign video reviews of the Epson BT-200 on YouTube .

    What's next?

    Once again, we thank all participants of the contest for participation and great applications! We do not exclude the possibility of repeating the competition and, if it is decided to repeat it, you will be the first to know!

    We thank you for your attention.

    Dear Khabravchians,
    Due to the fact that has been divided into three resources (HabraHabr, GeekTimes and MegaMozg), the Epson company’s blog has moved to .
    Looking forward to seeing you on our GT blog!
    Epson Team

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