The first P2P browser from the creators of BitTorrent

Original author: Eric Klinker
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Alpha testing of a new browser based on P2P technology from the creators of BitTorrent has begun.

It all started with a simple question. What if most of the network would work today, how does BitTorrent work?

The Maelstrom project (whirlpool, whirlwind - approx. Per.) Begins to answer this question with our first public release of a web browser, which can give rise to a new type of publication of web content, access to it and its consumption. The Internet is truly evolving thanks to people. People who lower the barriers and reject those who guard the gates that hold our future.


If we are successful, we hope that this project has the potential to help solve the most unpleasant problems facing the Internet today. How can we leave the Internet open? How can we leave Internet access neutral? How can we be sure that large companies will not abuse our personal data? How can we help the Internet scale effectively for content?

For a long time, the power of distributed technology that supports BitTorrent and all of our products has been an example of concern. We brought these technologies to the web even before these difficulties only got their shape.

Please join us in this project, become the owner of a part of this new Internet and help us change the future of the network.

Registration for the test.

Addition: technical details

According to information from the TorrentFreak website ( link ), the speed of sites will depend on the number of users who distribute this resource. This will allow you to open a site blocked by any organizations through this browser. Please report bugs in private messages.

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