The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 82 developer (on December 1-7)

    The new digest includes automation of testing iOS applications, a new series of "programming with the mouse" in Swift, Kotlin for Android and localization of applications for the Chinese market, history of enchanting failures and a new framework for hybrid applications from AppGyver. In general, a lot of different and interesting things.

    Test Automation for iOS Applications Using Calabash and Cucumber

    In the process of developing any application, there comes a time when, due to the increase in functionality, the labor costs for regression testing become prohibitive. Another reason for the considerable complexity of testing iOS applications (as well as any other mobile applications) is the variety of the line of supported devices and OS versions, the need for testing in landscape and portrait modes, as well as under different conditions of Internet connection. The desire to optimize the testing process leads us to the need for its full or partial automation.

    Mobile phones and total NSA surveillance: how it works

    Another vector of NSA attacks is mobile OS and applications. As it turned out, the special service has access to a lot of data on smartphones: lists of contacts and calls of subscribers, as well as their SMS and GPS data. For this, teams of hackers were assembled at the NSA, each of which was involved in hacking one of the popular OS.

    “Mouse Programming” in Swift Part 2 - Navigation

    Developing the theme of the previous article, I am writing about programming navigation between the windows of your application using a minimum of code. I want to mention right away, the article is written for beginners, if you are an experienced developer in this matter, it is unlikely that it will give you anything.



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