Cash desk in Italian

    So, the next vacation is over and as always I share my observations of commercial equipment in other countries. I already wrote about the box offices in America and Spain . This time I went to Italy. Read about what it is - Italian cash registers and how it differs from ours , read below.

    I want to say right away that in the first days of my stay in the country I was disappointed that the report might not work out, because, alas, not everything is very good with ordinary grocery stores in Italy. Further, all the photos, which are made mainly from small shops. Basically, grocery stores have ordinary cash registers, and I haven’t seen any big super in Italian cities. Nevertheless, something happened to catch.

    As it turned out here for some reason, monochrome displays are very fond of, in the sense that they are often put on the ticket office here. Basically, such options are found in Milan.

    But sometimes very disco options are combined and found.

    As for the location of the equipment, then everything is European, the main thing is that it works. Wires can grumble.

    Although there are options and more accurate.

    In small shops, by the way, there is an arrangement when a monitor with CCTV cameras is always installed next to the cash register.

    Yes, as the reader has probably already noticed, it can be seen that all the cart options with displays are mainly in clothing stores, but where are the grocery ones and what is there to watch? Yes, actually there is nothing special. I haven’t found cash displays anywhere, but the customer’s displays are standard and the equipment is Wincor.

    Now about the scales. In general, it can be said that checkout counters are very common, at least I met them. The usual Bizerba weight module is installed.

    For example, in Rome, our relatives met)

    But there are some. But it is worth noting that this is not all a self-service scale, but a control one. The system is this: weighed the goods, knocked out a label, pasted. He went to the checkout counter, the goods were weighed again and then they pierced.

    The Italians approach very detailed printing of price tags.

    Well, well, it would seem worthwhile to dwell on this, but personally, I am always very interested in the local software interface.

    For example, in all kinds of restaurants there is a tendency with the plan of tables in the hall.

    Someone is using Wincor software.

    Someone draws buttons of numbers in circles.

    Well, for some, simple Windows is enough.

    Well, or quite simply)

    France (bonus track)

    And what, by the way, do the French have there?

    Yes, everything is like people. Cashier is like a cashier.

    In stores there are always box offices with a multi-colored interface.

    Well, and customer displays on conventional monitors.

    On this my mini-euro tour is over, but there are new journeys ahead. Wait for reports!

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