A document with information about mobile publishers and samizdat features

What is the publication about?

I want to talk about one document. His references already met on Habré. Immediately give a link - a document .

History of creation

In March 2013, I had a prototype of one mobile game that I wanted to show to publishers. A quick search showed that if you can still find some lists of publishers, then here are the real reviews about the collaboration - the cat cried. Well, since no one has done this, why not me? With such thoughts, I began to knock on all the familiar developers who worked with a particular publisher, asking them to comment on the collaboration. Many agreed only on anonymous terms (which is understandable, because the contracts were still in full swing). Having collected the first few reviews, it was decided to open the document to everyone who wants to edit it and try to popularize it. This has brought some success, now the document reviews cooperation with nearly 50 publishers.

Close Editing

At some point, the document appeared on dtf.ru, which gave rise to violent seething in the comments. Up to the point that they called specific names of producers with very unpleasant characteristics. There was a total war in the comments, reviews were deleted, edited by other people, and so on. I had to make a strong-willed decision - to close the editing ability, and to roll back the document a day ago.

Reviews through comments

It is clear that without development, any knowledge base quickly becomes obsolete. Especially in such a booming area as mobile games. Instead of open editing, a mechanism was proposed for adding new reviews and publishers through comments. This allowed us to save the accumulated data, but the flip side of the coin was that the appearance of new information in the document decreased to almost zero. Honestly, I still do not understand what this is connected with.

New attempt

There are 3 tabs in the document:
  • Publishers
  • Samizdat
  • Revuevers

Sites with reviews added personally after a day spent parsing all kinds of lists. 312 reviewers, collected information six months ago, but, in general, the list is quite complete.

Publishers, as I said, spread about 50. It’s also pretty good. But, I am sure that there are still a lot of people on the hub who can replenish the base.

But the “samizdat” section is a complete disaster. And for me now, and for the majority of indies who couldn’t beat a good publisher, this is the most important information. Actually, I am now launching my new application - sex forfeiters, and for the first time I decided to invest a little money in promotion. And where to invest most effectively is a small amount of information. Therefore, I invite all those who independently launch their products on mobile OS, while having modest budgets, to share information. How much did it cost to publish on such a resource, how many installs it brought, etc.

Access is open

I reopened the opportunity for anyone to edit a document. I hope that this will bring much more benefit than harm. Of course, ideally, put all this in a wiki format. If anyone wants to arrange this, feel free to take all the information and transfer it to the normal version.

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