Secrets of goal setting for entrepreneurs

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Hunter Phoenix is ​​a successful, life-tested, trainer, national speaker, and small business mentor. Her specialization is helping new and “growing” entrepreneurs in creating simple and effective marketing, and she also offers strategies to attract new customers.

Hunter is the author of Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales and the creator of Life By Design ™ & Biz Breakthrough ™ coaching.

It doesn’t matter what date it is, January 1 or June 1. If you feel that you are stuck, depressed or not getting the results you want to achieve (in your business or in life), then it is probably worth revising your goals a year in advance. Together with the beginning of the year, high expectations and ambitions often come to us, because our energy and motivation are at their best. But can you prepare all your goals and objectives, write them down and fulfill them throughout the year? Many things are given incredibly fast to entrepreneurs, but at the same time, at times, they cannot master specific tasks and goals. To end this year productively, I will share with you my main goal setting secrets.

1. Stop internal divisions

This happens when we look for ourselves, think about goals. And then immediately take a step back in fear and indecision. Instead, it’s better to just outline the next few steps and start moving. Actions will teach you. If something does not work out, evaluate the situation, correct the plan and move forward again. And most importantly - be decisive in your obligations, move forward.

2. Set an annual, quarterly and monthly goal and do not forget to record your movements

While this is important, write down your task, although at times it may seem difficult or impossible. Tearing such tasks and problems to shreds you move forward. At the end of the week, summarize if some goals have remained unattained - you should evaluate them again and after that try to do it differently.

3. Create one common goal - personal self-improvement

This goal often goes unnoticed in our tasks of “doing more” and “getting more”. I firmly believe that it is not we who make money, but they who make us. A business cannot be built in isolation - and that's true. This is a personal and spiritual game that challenges you to destroy the freedom of past habits and beliefs, and the path to existence in this world. Set goals for self-improvement every year. Take a training course or a seminar, invest in a mentor or even start reading a specific blog regularly, which will help you broaden your horizons, find a new way of thinking and, as a result, develop your business.

4. Consider both long-term and short-term tasks.

Focusing only on short-term goals will keep you in a state of constant pursuit of "bright and shiny objects", as well as the hunt for cash. Focusing only on long-term tasks can give rise to non-monetary time gaps, while you expect large payments or the next confirmation. The balance of urgent and long-term tasks will provide you with profit, wild success and personal satisfaction. It is like a healthy diet for optimal business, productivity and personal prosperity.

Goals should not become the main task of life or control your movement along it. Goals are not what we must do for ourselves, but what we need to do for ourselves. They should inspire us, illuminate our path, strain and even frighten us a little. But ultimately, this is a gift that we give ourselves in order to move forward.

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