New on VPS Search: notepad domains and notepad servers

    Today I want to talk about two new features that appeared on the VPS Search for the last month: server notepad and domain notepad . I transferred the notepad of domains from the closed project.

    Notepad Domains

    Domain names are now actually the foundation of the Internet - without them, the existence of any site is impossible. According to statistics, most of the existing domains are not used by their current owners: someone buys domains for future projects, and someone - for resale at a price that is tens or hundreds of times more than the initial one. I myself have a certain number of domains that I bought, but have not yet managed to use them for any project.
    When there are only a few domains, keeping track of them is easy, but with an increase in the number of domains it can be quite difficult to keep track of when which domain needs to be renewed and which domains are available. It is possible to create a label in excel, but it will be rather problematic to update information on the end date of registration of each domain.

    Especially for such cases, I wrote “ Notepad Domains ” - a service that will help to make a list of all domains and will remind you when which domain needs to be renewed.

    From a technical point of view, everything looks simple: the user adds a domain, and the system automatically parses whois of this domain and determines the date of registration, the end date of registration and the registrar of this domain. Also there is a definition of DNS servers and TCI. Every few days, the data is updated, so if the domain is renewed, then the data about it will be updated automatically in the very near future.

    You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter about expiring domains: the system will send information about domains whose registration deadline expires this month. In addition, there are ideas to make a system for tracking SSL certificates and, along with information about the end of domain registration, send information that it is time to update the SSL certificate. Of the additional “goodies” I can highlight the domain calendar - it allows you to visualize when which domain will expire in the coming year.

    Server notepad

    The idea of Notepad Servers is completely the same as Notepad Domains, but the data object is a little different. However, there is a slight difference: everything is simpler with domains, and you can automatically find out the registration end date. Unfortunately, this will not work with servers.

    Therefore, it was decided to make just a convenient form for storing server data.
    To add a server, you must specify one of the IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) and the type of server (virtual or dedicated), all other fields are optional: name, hostname, list of additional IP addresses, server location, hoster, description, link to control panel and price.

    Both functions are completely free for users, no usage fees are planned. They are created solely for the convenience of users.

    In the comments I accept feedback and suggestions, as far as possible I will take into account, correct and add new features. Thanks for attention. PS Thank you andorro for the help with the preparation of the text. PPS I thank the hosting company for supporting the project.

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