Polytechnic 2.0: First Chip!

    Good night, Khabravchians!

    UPD : Many thanks to Habr for understanding and offer to send an application for registration of a non-profit startup. Indeed, our project is non-commercial, and more to you, the habrasociety and all the engineers who read the Habr. We have returned!!! Hurrah! Now we have our blog, as from a start-up company, thanks again Habr! (I was very pleased with the quick reaction of the support service and assistance in switching to the corporate blog).

    UPD_2 : So! This post was published for several hours on Habré. He collected a nice feedback. A lot of work has begun to create a comfortable web-site based on Moodle. Therefore, if you still have wishes and suggestions - please unsubscribe them in the comments to the post!

    A few months have passed since the day I posted the first post about the attempt of several ( already ) guys to create an open technical education system on the Internet. And here are the first results!
    How it all began is described here . And what now turns out - we read under a cat.

    So! As far as you remember, in the first lines of the last post I described the very ideology of “shots”, and gave an example of an animation clip on “the basics of the theory of workpiece basing”. Now the situation has changed radically. No, the ideology has remained the same, but our content has expanded a bit. By myself and my new colleague (I was pleasantly surprised that I quickly found my first workmate-colleague :) it was decided to consecrate step-by-step complex systems that are executed to control metal-cutting machines or to write control programs for these machines.

    And our collegial decision was the following: I settled on creating a series of videos on operation and programming in the Siemens Sinumerik 840D Sl turning CNC system in ShopTurn, and my new colleague began to consider the basic milling operations in Siemens NX 8.5 .

    As practice shows, both directions are poorly covered on the Internet, and we are completely silent about the availability of an abundance of Russian content. So that the courses do not seem divorced from life and have a logical sequence - each of us has chosen one detail, and in the learning process, we do them (process) step by step.

    Thus, at the end of the course, we will get a suitable part and learn how to program all the necessary operations for its successful processing. In addition to the virtual clicks on the screen of the selected CAD, we show HOW at the end of each clipthe real workpiece with the specified parameters and cutting conditions will be processed. This adds dynamics to the course and prevents it from becoming a boring transfer of its experience.

    The GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition action camera, purchased during a vacation in St. Petersburg, came in handy for shooting videos. And the set with a suction cup bought for her allowed fixing the camera in a large machine without any problems. Reliably and firmly. By the way, it's nice to listen to how chips fly into the lens :) If it's not difficult, watch the video below, or just click on the timeline a minute before the end, and you will also hear this sound.

    It was a report a number of times - on the part of the video. Now report number two !

    The OpenTechEdu.com domain was purchased to create a site on it that duplicates and complements the information currently posted on the Youtube channel . The site essentially involves a cataloger and classifier of courses and shots (to make it convenient to search and choose what you want to learn). Also, some trainer-lecturers write texts in advance before recording a video (for example, I do it :), and from these texts, as you understand, an excellent knizzenie can be obtained for each course. It’s convenient for someone to view the course of videos, and for someone to read in electronic form.

    So far, a stub picture is sticking out on the site, but before the end of the year I would like to deploy some kind of engine. And here I would like to appeal to you, habrasociety! Please help with the choice, tk. there were thoughts to fasten the WordPress blog, but in addition to the classifier and the cataloguer, the ideas of creating online tests to test knowledge, feedback forms, and other other new things that so far have not been thought of by all of us are floating in my head. Help me please! Which is better to put? And is there anyone who could help our project with this? My web programming knowledge is approximately at the level of creating the html stub that you can see on our site so far.

    (!)We also tirelessly ask all active colleagues to join our project. After all, in fact, making a video of 5 minutes in length, voicing it and putting it out is not so difficult and long. And you probably have a lot of interesting, including narrow topics (in the last post they wrote about wire cutting). We are not limited in the nomenclature of content (so far there is not much of it - it is easy to classify it), and we share everything from the field of technical knowledge. Join now! Help other people! Share your knowledge!

    Speaking of benefits: to us in the center "Incarnation", where I work - since February, a student guy, Mikhail Nazarov, 22 years old, has been going all his free time since February. Studying as a process engineer at the magistracy of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Specialty: mechanical engineering technology. Because Unfortunately, the university has practically no CNC equipment (we don’t take mammoths into account), then all its theoretical and practical interest in new products has moved to us. Simply put, a guy constantly visits us, learns programming and works on CNC machines. Eugene and I give him a theory of practice in turn and answer questions.

    So what am I doing this for? And here’s what: the opportunity was given to take him as a young employee to the competition "National Championship of pass-through professions of high-tech industries according to the WorldSkills methodology (WorldSkills Hi-Tech) "in Yekaterinburg (both of us are under 30, and the age limit for the competition is 25 years)! We left with the thought: the main thing is not victory, but participation! And brought ... the first place in the competence “Milling on CNC machines.” Despite the fact that the guy was able to overtake his rivals - the best employees of corporations and various enterprises from all over the country. How pleased he was and how pleasant it was for us that correctly invested in good head ak ualnye, fresh knowledge - can work to give a good result!

    And on such a positive note, I would like to finish my story. On the installation are videos with turning (3 pieces). There is also shavings there, but the time for free installation is still a little less than it :( Therefore, subscribers, stay tuned! For

    new friends - please subscribe to the channel, call friends and do not be shy to write constructive criticism.

    Well, to all of you, in advance many thanks!

    PS Yes, I completely forgot! Please evaluate our first video splash screen. This is my second animation project in Blendere and the first rendering experience with Cycles (500 samples). Maybe a little harsh, but it seems to us some kind of rigidity and dynamism reflects the essence of the work technical engineer :)

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