Registration of RES through the Gosuslug portal

    In continuation of the article “Instructions for obtaining an amateur radio call sign and certificate of registration of RES” I want to tell you how to register a transceiver through the State Service portal . For registration, an electronic signature is required, if you have already received it or are ready to receive it, welcome to cat.

    We are interested in the service Registration of a certificate of registration of electronic equipment .

    On the first page, you need to enter passport data and a mailing address.

    On the second page, you need to specify everything just like in the photo, filling in the fields “Name of RES” and “Serial number”.

    It is also necessary to indicate the information about the call sign, the class of radiation at VHF frequencies F3E, transmitter power, information about the antenna and the amateur category.

    On the third page, you must specify the operating frequencies and the method of obtaining permission.

    The generated application must be signed with an electronic signature. In Moscow, an electronic signature can be obtained in 10 minutes by arriving at Rostelecom’s office at 26 Suschevsky Val any day from 09:00 to 20:30, it costs 660 rubles, you must have your passport and SNILS with you.

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