The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 78 developer (on November 2-9)

    There is not very much news in connection with the holidays, but nevertheless: an article was published on “visual” programming in Xcode, Xamarin presented free plans for students, Samsung Gear App Challenge finalists were announced, Parse released Push Experiments and ParseUI. Yes, also a series about free-to-play games was released in South Park!

    Mouse Programming in Xcode 6 for Swift

    Due to a recent need, I had to write for iOS, and I noticed a strong lack of guides in Russian, even for elementary actions like “attach some action to a button click”, “read data from a text window”. An article for beginning developers for iOS, I ask those under cat.

    Meet IntelliJ IDEA 14 is here

    Talking about what we did most of the year, we always worry and worry. Each new version of IntelliJ IDEA raises the bar for everyone's expectations. Nevertheless, each update is another chance for us to prove that there is no limit to perfection.

    Is the user a goat?

    Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) introduces a new isUserAGoat () method. The purpose of this method is rather vague, the documentation says “Used to determine whether the user making this call is subject to teleportations” - whether the user who called this method is an object for teleportation. The method should return true if the user is a goat. But if you look at the sources of the method, you can find that the method always returned false.

    Xamarin launches student programs

    The most interesting part is the new student program, which allows you to create native Android and iOS applications for free in Xamarin Studio. The offer is available to students receiving a degree or taking courses, the results of which give a diploma.



    Windows phone



    Marketing and monetization


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