Infographics. Visual representation of data

    Recently we have published a translation book on infographics - Infographics. Visual presentation of data .

    Author: Randy Kram
    Translator: Oleg Sivchenko
    Volume: 384 pp.
    Prototype: Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design

    Contents :
    Chapter 1. What is infographics
    Chapter 2. Online infographics
    Chapter 3. Infographics and SEO
    Chapter 4. Infographic summaries
    Chapter 5. Corporate confidential infographics
    Chapter 6. Infographic design
    Chapter 7. Design Resources


    Visual presentation of data is much more than vivid illustrations and color graphics. Using infographics, create visual presentations to reach the target audience. Thanks to them, information is perceived quickly and easily. In this innovative book, you will learn about the process of designing infographics, about online marketing, about creating business plans, reports, presentations, infographic resumes, etc. You will learn how to draw “talking” pictures and make information memorable.

    • Discover the benefits of visualizing data.
    • Learn how to structure information into three parts.
    • Learn the rules of infographic design.
    • Check out strategies for publishing infographics online.
    • Learn how to write infographic resumes to accelerate career growth.

    Book at

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