Announcement of the third meeting of Java User Group EKB

    Hello, Habr!

    JUG.EKB - Yekaterinburg Java User Group, at JUG.EKB meetings we discuss various technologies from the Java world, share experiences and drink coffee in the name of Java!
    We regularly hold meetings of JUG.EKB with lectures by Java experts on the most interesting topics.
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    We invite all java developers to the third meeting of JUG.EKB.


    1. Vladimir Ivanov from Oracle with the report “Dynamic (JIT) compilation in JVM”

    Java abstracts a large number of technical details about the platform on which the Java application runs. To get an acceptable execution speed, the Java platform makes extensive use of dynamic compilation in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Dynamic (Just-In-Time) compilation improves performance by translating Java bytecode into machine code while the application is running. The principle of operation is significantly different from static compilers and the JVM uses a different set of compilation techniques to obtain high-performance code.
    The report will describe the general principles of dynamic compilation and its features as applied to Java. A review of JIT compilers in the HotSpot JVM will include a review of tools and techniques for analyzing their work (from high-level solutions to machine code) and diagnosing problems.

    Vladimir Ivanov, Oracle Lead Engineer, works in the HotSpot Java Virtual Machine Development Team. He specializes in JIT compilation and support for alternative languages ​​on the Java platform.

    2. Evgeny Palmov from Naumen with the report “Rock programming”

    The Java platform has long proved its right to be in the leading positions of the market, having established itself as an excellent basis for the development of projects of any caliber. However, is there life after Java? Or maybe Scala? The report will examine the main features of Scala, from the very basics to metaprogramming on macros, as well as how it offers them to beautifully and simply solve common problems in Java, while increasing the overall quality and speed of writing code. The story is based on real experience participating in a major project on Scala.

    Evgeny Palmov is a developer in the GP department of Naumen.

    3. Lightning talks

    Lightning talks is a series of five-minute reports, you can apply for them at any time, at least 5 minutes before the start. Presentation is optional, but desirable. The topic of the talk is limited only to Java, you can talk about, for example, a recently discovered framework or a problem that you recently solved.
    Lightning talks is a great way to try yourself as a speaker. Therefore, we are waiting for your application for a report on lightning talks.

    4. Afterparty

    The meeting is free, you need to register .

    Videos from past meetings can be viewed on our youtube channel.

    We are waiting for you on November 13 at the Sol Coworking (Khimikov Lane, 3rd, 4th floor), starting at 19-30.

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