Resurrect FTDI in Pictures

    Hello dear habravchane. I don’t know where to write, here or in GT, but since the primary source is here , then I’ll post it to Habr.
    In general, if you, the same as I, a diligent installer of updates and this fate befell you

    ... but from the Opus UnknownType you understand little, welcome under the cat!

    The first thing to start is to look at the list of devices. And if you type this here,

    then in the properties you will most likely find the absence of any information about the drivers.

    And the device itself unexpectedly received a PID equal to 0000.

    So while running to the network, search / download FTDI drivers version 2.8.14.
    Roll on the device first ftdibus, and then ftdiport. Already with this I hope you can cope without pictures? Put? Now you have two converters in the system, one of which for some reason :) does not work. Everything is fine - it should be so. Now we again go to the expanses of the unknown and download FTDI's MProg3.5 utility.

    Run and select in the menu Tools> Read and Parse.

    This miracle program itself counts everything and signs it in the cells.

    After that, it becomes possible to enter “6001” in the Product ID window (for FT232R (L)), and then go to the File> Save As ... menu and save the EEPROM to the hard disk.

    This procedure is required, because without it, the utility will not allow you to flash mikruhu. And it is stitched for one or two and literally in half a second. You just need to press Ctrl + P.

    After the firmware, you can read.

    The main thing then make sure that the correct drivers are on the device , otherwise you will have to carry out the procedure again.

    Conclusion: as you see, nothing complicated, but with pictures in general - like two fingers on the asphalt :)

    PS I do not bear any responsibility for anything, you are to blame for everything

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