Recognition and automatic solution of equations

    The free PhotoMath application is useful to many students. When you point the camera at an equation, the program recognizes the mathematical symbols in the formula (OCR works), performs calculations - and gives the correct answer.

    The idea is so simple that there is nothing to explain. There are only two questions: why no one did this before and why this was not when I was in school.

    You must immediately realize that the program was not created for cheating. In each normal textbook, the correct answers to the tasks are indicated. After all, the main thing is not in the answers, but in the process of finding them. Knowledge is checked not by the final result of calculations, but by the algorithm for solving the problem. For example, if a typo / typo occurred somewhere, and the answer doesn’t agree with the problem book, but the student showed the correct logic of the solution, then he is still worthy of the maximum grade. Even if the answer is wrong.

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