New in Kerio Control 8.4 Release

    San Jose, CA October 14, 2014 - Kerio Technologies today released a new version of Kerio Control 8.4, an easy-to-manage security solution. The new version closes four major security holes: HTTPS, Wi-Fi, guest access, and IPv6. Kerio Control 8.4 will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to increase the level of network security with a minimum of effort - easier than ever before.

    “It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure security every day. The external boundaries of the network are constantly changing, ”says Scott Schreiman, CEO of Kerio Technologies. “The emergence of new challenges and risks is inevitable. Kerio products are always one step ahead and enable small and medium-sized businesses to respond effectively to these changes. ”
    Kerio Control’s new HTTPS content filtering feature closes the biggest network security hole. Cybercriminals actively use the SSL protocol to covertly introduce viruses and other threats through secure connections to the network. Kerio Control now lets you stop these threats with the click of a button, simply by applying existing content filters to HTTPS traffic.

    With the growth in the number of Wi-Fi users and users ’own devices, enterprises need to provide their employees and guests with secure access to the network. But WPA shared passwords are inefficient and leave the network vulnerable to malicious attacks. The new Kerio Control 8.4 integrated RADIUS server uses typically enterprise-level technology that is difficult to implement and allows even the smallest enterprises to easily implement high-performance authentication and strong password policies in Wi-Fi networks.

    Kerio Control 8.4 also provides guest access to the network without a license. A company can purchase one access point and leave it open to all guests. At the same time, Kerio Control isolates guest traffic from intranet resources, protecting vital company assets and systems from unintended guest access.

    Businesses around the world are transitioning to IPv6, thereby compromising network security. IPv6 is difficult to understand and use, but not in our case. With Kerio Control 8.4, you can simply create your own traffic rules, select the rules to apply to IPv6, and it works. No extra effort.
    You can find more information about Kerio Control 8.4 at .
    A 30-day trial version can be downloaded at

    Register for a webinar to learn about the new features of this version, including:

    • Guest network with authorization portal
    • HTTPS control
    • Network Prefix Translation Support for IPv6
    • RADIUS server


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