12 questions to you about working with people

    After half-daily polls about methodologies in projects and the adequacy of self-esteem, they decided to conduct a larger study.

    The premise is very simple: in the last 7 years of training and consulting, you have to see many mistakes in working with people. From time to time, one gets the feeling that no one works with people in our industry .

    We understand that the worldview of trainers is distorted, as well as the worldview of a doctor who sees people with their ailments. And this prompted us to think - to conduct a large study that will show the actual state of affairs in the industry and put everything in its place.

    We also understand that everyone does not have much time, so we tried to formulate questions succinctly and squeeze all of them into 12 questions:

    12 questions for you about working with people >>

    For your help and the time you spent with us, a small gift is a recording of our expert’s seminar negotiations Dmitry Kotkin "Theory of systems in working with people." So that we can all make the world more understandable and manageable.

    PS If you attract colleagues and acquaintances to the survey, we will be separately grateful, this will help make the study more extensive.

    PPS If you have thoughts on how to better formulate questions - write, we will try to take them into account during the next study. We no longer have time to fix this, we already have more than 2000 answers to current questions.

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