Higher education in Germany has become free. For international students too

    A great opportunity to study in Germany appeared from interested people from all over the world. Since the new academic year 2014/2015, higher education in Germany has become free throughout the country. The last of the seven federal states to abolish tuition fees was ordered by Lower Saxony in December 2013. Dorothea Stapelfeldt, Senator of the Hamburg Science Committee, called paid education “social injustice,” writes The Times ( via ). The science senator believes that the key policy objective is to provide young people in Germany with the opportunity to study and receive quality higher education for free.

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    However, for us this news makes another important. These rules apply to international students. Actually, this news came to my attention because Americans actively began to discuss it , the cost of higher education for which has long been one of the national problems. A familiar former German student shared his experience of what is required, except for a Schengen visa to Germany : firstly, in most cases, knowledge of the language is required. Secondly - proof of income (what to eat and live on). However, there are options for studying in English - and in this case the choice of universities is quite wide. In addition, an age student for Germany is not new: the average age of a German graduate is 28 years old


    Tuition fees in Germany before were low - 600 euros per semester. German universities make a significant contribution to world science, and news with links to German researchers constantly skips on Habré: events such as the development of a cheap way to manufacture touch displays , the discovery of complex molecules in interstellar space are hard to miss.

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