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    On October 1, an article was written about the service, which was made to work with Habr's posts. The service downloaded new post names and, upon request, sent the finished downloaded post to the post office.
    Today I stopped the service. Disabled all active subscribers.
    By kat I share information in numbers and results of the service.

    Honestly, I’m not satisfied with the results of the service.
    Firstly, there were many errors that, although it was corrected, it was not completely corrected.
    Secondly, I did not wait for the habra effect, although I was hoping.


    I will simply list the list of errors that have been and which have either been corrected or not corrected so far:
    1. All the new downloaded article titles along with the link went to the database. And upon receipt of a request for a particular article, a link was pulled from the database by the article number. However, a situation arose in which there were requests for an article that I did not download, i.e. articles that were published before the service was launched and which are not in the database. In this case, the service did not download the article itself, but the main page of the site (where the best publications of the day are). As soon as I found it, I fixed it.
    2. New articles like mailing list came in the mail. Time passed, the article was unexpectedly closed on Habré. If in the browser I followed the link and saw the page “Access to publications is closed”, then for some reason my page didn’t download such a page and an error fell out. Not fixed so far.


    1. The service, working with test mail and receiving requests, saved only “subject” and “sender” from request letters. As soon as the letter was saved in the database, it was immediately deleted from the mailbox. Those. I did not store the body of the letter anywhere. Therefore, I apologize for the fact that perhaps users wrote something in the body, maybe they asked questions, I did not see it.
    2. Most users did not immediately understand that the teams needed to write in the subject line, and not in the body of the letter. Therefore, the first letter from them was incorrect. After the service sent a response that the command was incorrect, the user was corrected and there were almost no problems.


    9 days (around the clock) the service worked.
    56 hubs were used to receive new articles.
    465 new post names were saved in the database (for distribution).
    113 users who took advantage of commands and sent requests by e-mail.
    64 users who subscribed to the newsletter for new articles.
    357 requests received from users.
    265 requests were correct, the rest contained incorrect commands in the subject line.
    12 requests - the largest number of requests from one user.
    37 users made only one request and that’s it.
    4 users surprised by the originality of their mailboxes (anonim0101 @, ya.terminator48 @, cloaca @, idontwannatellyoumyemail @)

    I probably won’t run it back yet. Someone liked it, someone did not. First, I want to get feedback from everyone in the form of comments or suggestions. To this end, everyone who at least once sent a request was sent a letter inviting them to express their comments and suggestions.
    And let's see by the results.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you need the work of such a service to use?

    • 19.7% Yes 149
    • 80.2% No 607

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